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Earlier this week we were disappointed when MTV only shared two preview clips from the next episode of Teen Mom 2, but it appears they were just spreading the love a little as they released two more today featuring Jenelle and Chelsea! (Also, the delay probably had something to do with the fact that there is no new episode this week. ***SIGH***)

That being said, these two clips are GREAT, plus there is a hilarious bonus video of “The Top 5 Funniest Moments Of Teen Mom 2” (included below) that should help tide you over.

OK, on the previews!!

“Chelsea Gets Emotional At The Doctor”

Chelsea takes her daughter to the eye doctor and is informed that Aubree’s left eye is only seeing about 20/40 and she will need to wear glasses. “It has a little bit of farsightedness, or hyperopia,” explains the eye doctor. “We’re going to put her in a pair of glasses, and we want her to wear the glasses all the time, OK?”

“This is, like, emotional!” Chelsea reveals.

“I understand. I totally understand,” says the doctor. “But honestly, we want the left eye to start doing its fair share of the work so that the eyes start working together better. So, we want to leave them on all the time. And let’s recheck her again in about three months and just kind of see how she’s doing with the new glasses, OK?”

“OK. Perfect,” says Chelsea.

Chelsea heads out of the office to join her daughter. She breaks the bad news to Aubree, who doesn’t seem to see it as bad news at all.

“OK, so you need glasses,” Chelsea explains. “And guess what? You have to wear them all the time.”

“Every day?” asks Aubree.

“All day,” says Chelsea.

Aubree raises her fist triumphantly and hoarsely screams, “YAYYY!!!”

As Chelsea and Aubree head into the glass retail section to shop for specs, Chelsea still seems a little bit emotional, and not as thrilled as Aubree. But, her spirit lightens immensely when she finds a pair of amazing looking pink glasses — then mother and daughter seem to both be doing internal fist pumping as they excitedly bond over Aubree’s new fashion accessory.

“Aubree, put these on right now — these are amazing!” says Chelsea. Aubree puts on the glasses and as she looks in the mirror at herself a HUGE smile breaks out on her face.

Aubree Houska glasses

* I’d like to send out some huge props to MTV producers for managing to capture a great metaphorical moment here. Aubree’s vision problems are clearly symbolic of her parental issues, with Chelsea being the healthy right eye and Adam Lind being the hyperopic left orb. (Although it would have been more perfect if her left eye was near-sighted.) “We want the left eye to start doing its fair share of the work so that the eyes start working together better.” Yep! It’s just too bad they don’t make corrective lenses for bad dads.

“David Calls The Cops On Barbara”

Dramastic music sets the tone as Babs arrives at Jenelle’s house. “Juhnell! JUHnell!” Babs says loudly as she enters the house with some sort of document in her hand.

Babs stands outside Jenelle’s door and continues to call out, “Juhnell! I’m here. C’mon!” A slight pause. “Juhnelle!”

Babs gets frustrated and begins a conversation. “What the heck?! You got all the kids outside and nobody’s watching the kids! Can somebody please open the door?”

David’s daughter Maryssa comes in the door and seems frightened by Babs’ outside voice. David’s muffled voice can be heard telling Jenelle, “Your mom’s screaming at the bedroom door.”


Jenelle lets loose with her infamous catchphrase: “Oh my god doooood!”


“Leave me alooone,” Jenelle pleads.

Babs is clearly on a mission and not going away. “David or Jenelle! Would you PLEASE come out here?”

We see Babs in the hall with Jenelle’s son Jace, David’s daughter Maryssa, and Jenelle’s nephew Gabriel. Babs hits up the kid crew for some intel. “What’s your mom doing?” she asks.

“I think she’s asleep,” says Maryssa.

“I bet she is,” Jace affirms.

Babs seems perplexed. “Why are they always sleeping?” she asks.

Jenelle laments from the other side of the door: “I want everyone to just leave me alone!”

Cut to a scene where Bab’s shares a monologue with the bedroom door. “What do you got her, in prison David? She can’t come out of the room?! If you think that Jace is gonna stay here –” The door opens and we see David come out holding Kaiser. “What’s going on?” asks Babs. “You can’t open the door?”

“She doesn’t want to talk, I’m sorry,” David replies as he shuts the door behind him.

“Why?” asks Babs. “Because you told her not to?”

“What?” David seems genuinely confused by the accusation.

“Huh?” Babs says. “Don’t tell me, I want to talk to — where is she? You locked the door? You locked the damn door?!”

“She doesn’t want to talk to you,” David iterates. “I’m sorry.”

“WHY IS THAT?” Babs yells. “Why is that, David?”

“Well, you can leave if you’re gonna yell at me,” David says — still using his inside voice.

“No I’m not leaving!” Babs replies defiantly.

“No, you will leave,” David insists.

“Oh no I will not!”

“You’re in MY house,” David points out.

“What [BLEEP BLEEP]!” Babs replies. “You live here and she pays all the bills like every other guy?”

“You need to stop yelling in front of my kids,” David insists, as we see Jenelle looking very solemn in her room.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Babs says.

This is where the clip cuts off, but I assume from MTV’s title for the clip that the next thing that happens is that David calls the police on Babs.

Now THAT’S Dramastical! Although it’s unclear why Jenelle couldn’t have just come out of her room, I think David does deserve some credit for remaining relatively calm and not filling the streets with uppercut.

To end this post on a slightly more positive, and less aggressive note, here is a brand new montage video from MTV of “The Top 5 Funniest Moments Of Teen Mom 2:”

LMAO! Those certainly bring back a lot of memories…

I dunno though – sure seems like MTV dropped the ball on NUMBER ONE:

Remember folks, there is no new Teen Mom 2 this week — the next brand new episode (featuring the scenes with Jenelle and Chelsea above) airs Monday, May 16 at 10/9c on MTV.

UPDATE – Jenelle has since taken to Twitter to respond to people’s comments about the preview clip above. Here are some of the tweets and her responses. (Because Twitter doesn’t show the original tweet in retweet embeds, I will included those prior to each of Jenelle’s responses.)

“I hope David’s daughter’s Mom watches next week’s episode and sees how you let her daughter play outside unsupervised”

“Actually the mature thing to do is walk away from the argument & go play with the kids!”

“u guys are arguing already??!!”

“thought an argument was the reason you were in the bathroom?????”


JENELLE: On that scene of my mom and David filming arguing … @MTV DID NOT film me AT ALL that day. They used a different scene from another day.. Showing me upset in my room when I never gave @MTV permission come in my house that day to begin with. So yeah I WAS doing my makeup. Have a bathroom in the master bedroom and one in my hallway… I see where everyone is confused by that scene! Sorry @MTV sucks at editing.

TWEETER: So MTV is creating a story or reaction for TV. Vs a reality show ? Is that what your saying? I am confused

JENELLE: Whenever I don’t let them film a reaction/arguing or engaging in an argument they still try to make it seem like it

TWEETER: Your only job is to let cameras film you and you can’t even do that? How much money do you make again from MTV?

JENELLE: Once again I was doing my makeup TO FILM lmao

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