Jenelle’s son Jace Evans runs away again, found 48 hours later & hospitalized

Jace Evans

The teenage son of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to struggle.

The Ashley reports 14-year-old Jace recently ran away yet again, this time from his grandmother, Barbara Evans. (Jace was placed back in Barbara’s custody last month after David Eason was charged with child abuse stemming from an alleged altercation with Jace.)

Jace reportedly went missing from Barbara’s home on Friday. “The Ashley can confirm that Jace was found on Sunday, nearly 48 hours since he had gone missing,” The Ashley reports.

The US Sun followed up The Ashley’s report by stating Jace was actually found Saturday night. “He was found at 9:30 pm on Saturday and has since been in the hospital for his mental health,” the site reveals.

Both sites report that Jace has been unable to receive his prescribed medications after returning to live with Barbara because Jenelle still has a say in his wellbeing and she denied him access.

Jenelle and David have been very outspoken about their objection to Jace’s medications. David even wrote a Google review last month for a neurodevelopmental pediatrician in Wilmington in which he accuses the doctor of diagnosing kids with “mental issues in order to keep them coming back for medication.”

Here is the full review from David, but please note that he misspells the doctor’s last name:

DR. Harnum will brainwash your child into thinking they have mental issues in order to keep them coming back for medication. She will diagnose children with mental illnesses that they dont really have so that she can put them on medication that just causes illness and other issues. Dr. Harnum has tried to make my children believe things that are not true and loves to take everything out of context and to the extreme If she could give your kid a lobotomy im certain she would The office will ignore any concerns that you have and will refuse to call you back or answer the phone when you have questions or concerns.

Jenelle & David happy Jace ran away?

After Jace disappeared on Friday, both David Eason and Jenelle Eason shared posts on Facebook that some interpreted to be a response to Jace’s disappearance.

“Where’s Waldo?” David asked late Friday night. “Why is he already hiding and I haven’t even opened the cereal box yet? 😐”

David Eason Waldo post on Facebook

Meanwhile, Jenelle shared a post by Inaya Green on Saturday. “When the weapons formed against you ain’t prospering 😝 ☺️💅🏾,” Inaya captioned a series of images of women giving “Nyah, nyah!” faces. “Hell yessssss, if you only knew 🙈,” Jenelle added.

Jenelle Eason Facebook post about Jace running away from Barbara?

It’s unclear where Jace will be headed over the next few days. “However, he will not be going back to Jenelle’s home, or back with Barbara at this time,” The Ashley reveals. Barbara Evans was scheduled to be back in court next month in hopes of regaining full legal custody.

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