TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Evans vs. Barbara Evans is now officially lit


No introductions required as we bring you the latest in the fallout from the custody hearing for Jace between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans.

Babs came out today with her thoughts on what happened, (ICYMI – she regained primary custody but worked with Jenelle in establishing a parenting schedule that guarantees Jace’s mom time), in comments to US Weekly and Radar:

To Us on the outcome:

“I think that in the end, our whole family will be very happy. My main concern was that my daughter and I would have a very drawn out court battle, and luckily that was not the case. I love her and don’t want to fight with her in a courtroom! It actually went much more smoothly than I could have hoped.”

And on her (lack of a) relationship with Jenelle:

“It’s very, very strained right now, as it usually is. She hates me. I think as time goes on, it will get better between us. I have to believe that because she’s my daughter. I’m not sure why Jenelle doesn’t see that I have the best home to raise Jace in. … I do not think Jenelle is putting Jace’s well-being before her happiness. Of course she wants Jace to live with her, but she isn’t thinking that my house may be a better place, especially while she’s with David.”

To Radar:

“I am glad we settled. She didn’t want to go through that [a trial]. It would have been awful for her… I believe Jenelle really thought she was going to get custody of Jace.”

These reactions apparently pushed Jenelle’s buttons as she fired off, and then deleted tweets directly targeting Babs:


This is pretty standard Evans vs. Evans fare but the next bomb that dropped was super out of left field and perhaps highlighted the “plan” that Jenelle was referring to.

Not long after Babs’ comments appeared on Radar, the site shared a post (YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE) featuring an “obtained from an unnamed source” video clearly made by David Eason in which Jenelle, in front of Jace and his cousins, accuses Barbara, who is walking to a car after leaving a restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, of being intoxicated and getting behind the wheel.


Things devolve, as they usually do between the pair, into a shouting match. Radar also “obtained a photo” (I mean – David filmed the video so I don’t think it’s a mystery as to where the image came from either) of Barbara sitting in the restaurant with a glass of wine in front of her.

Here’s what Barbara had to say about this situation:

“I had just sat down with my friends and had one sip of wine. I saw Jenelle standing there making a big scene. So I threw $40 on the table and got up and left. I was walking across the parking lot when [Jenelle and her fiancé David Eason] started filming me. They accused me of being drunk. I told them to stop filming me…  I asked Jenelle, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I knew she was trying to set me up. The kids looked at her like ‘She’s out of her mind.’ How dare she do this to me? Her 64-year-old mother. She had the audacity to set me up… I was furious with her.”

The terms of their custody agreement specifies that they can not belittle each other, use illegal drugs, or drink excessively while Jace is present.