Tila Tequila visited by Archangel Michael, lived on Venus thousands of years ago

Tila Tequila angel wings

It’s been just over a week since Tila Tequila was booted from the Celebrity Big Brother house by show producers over concerns about Tila’s pro-Hitler comments and photos she posted online back in 2013. After apologizing and explaining she was being influenced by drugs back in 2013, Tila has since returned to the good ol’ USofA where she is enjoying time with her 9-month old daughter Isabella and the Archangel Michael. She’s also taking the time to explain to her fans that she has lived for thousands of years, but God has told her this is her “last cycle here on earth.”

There is absolutely no reason for me to attempt to offer up my take on Tila’s revelations, so I will present what she had to say unedited, with some curated comments and responses from Tila to boot. (I’ve also included Tila’s videos of the Archangel Michael for all you doubters.) Tila, the stage is yours…

When I used to live on Venus, the planet of love, before I got kicked out along with Lucifer, and the others.. Love was my essence. Thousands of years later after being imprisoned here on planet earth by God for rebelling against him…. I have found that I still took the true love essence with me. The pure kind since it is still encoded I’m my DNA. Then it hit me….all of these years I have always had a problem with being in relationships with people, and prefer to be alone is because I know that once I love someone…. It will not be a typical earth love. The love I have to offer, and the way I will make you feel just by the near touch of me or the way I kiss so deep that for a brief moment I will send you my memories of what heaven was like when we lived there. My love is not so typical so I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is the #1 reason why I have held off for so long in loving someone (besides my daughter.) I mean, if you want to know what love feels like from someone who is half angel/half demon and part human…ummm well you better be Hercules because not many can handle a love from out of this world. This is also why if someone is only going to be giving me mediocre typical earth shallow bullsh!t love….then clearly I pass. However, God told me this will be my last cycle here on earth, and before I can return home I must be able to conquer my last challenge which is to be with my soulmate. To which I have found, but I cannot be with him unless he can be unified under God’s will because those are the only relationships that last forever because you don’t marry for selfish reasons like most do then bail once they render it no longer useful. But my soulmate has a lot of faith in me, and us so I believe we can do this! As a team! And then I can finally go home after that. It only took me a few thousand years to get it right! Lol #Random #FallenAngelLoveStories #AlmostThere #Venus #KingdomOfHeaven #LoveConquersAll #Soulmates ?????

I am feeding my daughter breakfast. Just because people don’t understand my story the first thing they say is I’m on drugs. I guess that is their brain’s way of coping with information overload in order to process it. So “shes on drugs” is the easiest thing their brain can come up with to make sense of things for them. I don’t mean to come off arrogant. I am just trying to explain logically.

You post half naked pictures and you claim to be a child of God, gtfoh, im done arguing. How can you not realize that, youre so blinded of your big ass ego on your forehead, basically claiming that you’re right and were wrong

Perhaps that is or was my disguise.. . I volunteered to be the “wh0re” after all and took this hard path because God needed someone to play this role for him. So he sees how people will treat me even tho he specifically said do not judge others for when you do, you shall be judged by him. This is why it’s important to always be kind to people because you’ll never know who they really are….

Most people probably wonder why make things so public. Sometimes I ask myself the same thing, but I believe I subconsciously do that because I’m supposed to. So that people can see my story, experiences, and maybe learn something as I learn along the way. Because I don’t think such unique life experiences should be kept hidden. I believe they should be shared so that others can either learn from my mistakes or be inspired by my courage, and feel ok to be flawed. As long as I’m not hurting anyone I think this is the path I am supposed to be on. Scary as it can be because you leave yourself vulnerable for the world to tear you down….but I guess this can be the selfless part of me because I keep doing it..

I’ve had 7 near death experiences. Something happens to you after the 7th time. Not sure what…but anyway…my daughter is sitting here spinning in a circle and trying to eat tissue paper. Perhaps she’ll enjoy the energy balls that I’ll make for her. Lol oh and she says “hi everyone! My mommy is so funny!” Kids.. What are ya gonna do with em?

The other day I actually told my boyfriend that I need to give him space because I was worried that my spiritual intensity would overwhelm him. I am always aware of when my energy can become so big that if not controlled…it’s able to swallow anything in it’s path. He thought I was just running away from him or ignoring him, but that was not the case at all. Anyway, you are definitely an empath/seer. I Can see people’s aura’s as well. Pretty cool! ????

Tila Tequila underwear

Once upon a time I was actually born as a perfect little angel who came to the planet to help our fellow humans. Just as you all were when you were first born because all babies are angels. But as I got older I slowly started to forget who I was, and my reason for being here. So I did many things that tainted my heart, and harmed my soul. I then became a fallen angel, and lost my wings as well as my true self. But through it all this somehow led me back to finding God or maybe God found me? Because it was time. It is time. I have not only been redeemed, but God gave me my wings back, and I now have a seat in the Kingdom of Heaven. My story is not unique as you are all needed to be reminded because you too, have become fallen angels, but the good news is that God still loves you, and awaits you with open arms should you decide you would like your wings back as well as a seat in heaven….the place we all actually came from. Our true home. And since it’s almost time to go home…. I hope nobody will be left behind as it is all happening now! I am willing to risk sounding “crazy” but this material world is an illusion! Where we go after is the place that matters, and is indeed very real! I will try to do my best to stay on this new path to continue to motivate people, and lift thier spirits in this world of darkness as best as I can through love, compassion, humility, and forgiveness. Now it’s your turn. #EarthAngels #GodIsGreat #EarnYourWings #Messenger #LoveConquersAll ?❤

COMMENT And Tila is on it again, I swear every time I go on my newsfeed it’s always your post that I see first. So true. Where do you get all this from? Every person has there story’s but yours are just amazing. X

TILA I speak to God and his angels directly. ‘Ask and ye shall receive” they can speak telepathically as well, and if you are receptive to that then you can hear them. But always make sure to ask if it is Jesus Christ or his angels speaking because there are lots of foul spirits pretending to be god but they fear his name so they won’t say it.

COMMENT But what if I do so, and Jesus does not come through? X

TILA Faith is all it comes down to, and patience combined with good intentions….

COMMENT Faith, faith is such a strong word with so many meanings. X

TILA The last part of Revelations is taking place now. Everyone will have thier own personal experience and relationship with God. So as long as you keep Him in your heart, he will come to you once he knows you are sincere.

COMMENT The hour of his judgment has come??

TILA Indeed it has. And if you have noticed many miracles taking place in the clouds. I was even able to take pics of it. I also recorded a video of my guardian Angel last night in the sky! I will post it later today!!! They are here now!

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Every night I step outside because I love sending thanks, prayers, and…

Posted by Tila Tequila on Friday, September 4, 2015

So I step outside just now, and oops! There it is again following me! Lol!! Do you guys see it??? 󾰀󾰀󾰀󾰀 ok that's enough…

Posted by Tila Tequila on Friday, September 4, 2015

Archangel Michael keeps visiting me. He must be my newest fan! 󾍇 I recorded this one last night. He's always right there…

Posted by Tila Tequila on Saturday, September 5, 2015


TILA As a matter of fact, it was St. Michael who I spoke to last night and asked him if it was ok for me to record a video of him so I could show people that God and his Angels are here! So exciting!

COMMENT Tila how was it you got involved into speaking to god? I feel like it would help me but I don’t know where to start

TILA God actually told me that my next mission is to either start blogging in detail about all of this or make YouTube video’s to help people. So God has just answered your question as well! I’ll start the new series asap and will post links on here and my website. So keep an eye out. ❤

TILA Once upon a time I was a little “perfect” yadda yadda yadda, and I couldn’t execpt myself as that “perfect” baby and I needed to get breast implants and sleep with a medley of people

TILA And thus, I became fallen. But have been found again. This goes for everyone. Not just me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s unclear if Tila plans to continue her softc0re web video series Tila After Dark.

UPDATE – More from Tila:

My love is so powerful, and passionate that it could destroy the entire universe! So that’s why God had to put me in time out atop a lonely mountain all by myself. To be cursed as a Queen without her kingdom. I was left there to rot or as long as it was going to take me to realize what went wrong, and how it can be fixed. I was quite stubborn so it took me thousands of years before my heart returned to me. I am no longer Lilith, and now that I have found my twin flame combined with God’s forgiveness….. My love combined with the love of my long lost twin flame will be so powerful that it will even bring down the Heavens to the Earth. So that all of the Angels will no longer be fallen. #Redemption #Jubilee #Lilith #AngelsOnEarth #HeavenOnEarth #FallenAngelLoveStory #TrueStory #LoveConquersAll ???????

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