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Is Derick Dillard homophobic 1

VIDEO Derick Dillard claims he loves all people after The View trashes his recent homophobic comments

Former Counting On participant Derick Dillard is attempting to make nice after lashing out at TLC stars Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent with a string of widely condemned tweets. Derick claimed he “loves all people” after getting trashed on national television by the hosts of The View but his followers aren’t taking Derick’s words at face value.

Meghan McCain keeps it ‘strictly dickly’ for Playboy

The daughter of Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain is doing all she can to stay relevant. Meghan McCain is featured in April’s edition of Playboy and while she didn’t get all nekkid ol’ Megs did do a little TMI in a 20 Questions segment. After talking about politics the obviously seasoned interviewer managed to steer the conversation to sleepovers with lots of other girls in her mommy and daddy’s bed (teehee).

Meghan McCain apologizes for sexy Twitter Picture of her breasts in a tank top

People are waaaay too sensitive about a little Twitter dĂ©colletage. Because of the massive amounts of “slut” and “hooker” accusations being hurled her way, Meghan McCain has apologized for posting the above photo to her TwiPics last night. Here’s what the Blogette said: so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I […]

VIDEO Tila Tequila and ‘girlfriend’ Meghan McCain at Mr. Chow

Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan was spotted outside the Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills with Tila Tequila, who jokingly referred to Meghan as her “girlfriend” while signing autographs and talking to camermen outside the restaurant. I can think of only two theories to explain this odd pairing. Either Meghan is trying to ramp up […]