Jasmine Lennard, Casey Johnson’s ex-girlfriend and grand theft victim, attacks Tila Tequila via Twitter, gossip rags

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A few weeks ago Jasmine Lennard was in the headlines after reported ex-girlfriend Casey Johnson broke into Lennard’s home, used her vibrator, and allegedly stole jewelry and clothing. Casey was facing a sentence of one year in prison for the break-in, and was having a melt-down on uStream and red carpets with ‘fiance’ Tila Tequila.

Jasmine is now speaking out about her love for Casey, and her disgust with Tila Tequila for taking advantage of Casey when she was at her most vulnerable point. Tila’s been tweeting prolifically about Casey’s passing, who she calls “wifey.”

Jasmine, who is trying to gain custody of Casey’s adopted daughter Ava-Monroe, tweeted this back at Tila:

“you NEVER even knew her. You have known her for a total of one month you took advantage of someone in her weakest moment. You enabled her death and prevented her getting the help she SO DESPERATELY needed for YOUR OWN selfish purposes. She was a classy woman who would NEVER have had ANYTHING to do with you had she been her right mind. You took advantage of a sick girl and YOUR killed her. Shut your mouth back the f**k off and have some respect. Let her pass dignity now not attached to your smutty name. Stop taking drugs and clean you act up. Disgusting little girl.”

Jasmine also spoke to Life & Style and Radaronline about her evaluation of Tila Tequila’s relationship with Casey. She told Radar: “Casey’s family tried desperately to help her,” she said. “There was a car ready 24 hours a day to take her to the best rehab facility in the country. When it came out that Casey had been arrested, she had nobody and was lost. Tila got a hold of her and said, ‘hey, come out with me and we’ll show them!’ For her to die with this reputation, it’s just not her. Tila is a sick, sick girl.”

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