Thanks to Dr. Drew, we now know what Tila Tequila’s addicted to, besides fame and Twitter

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When TMZ announced that Tila Tequila will appearon Dr. Drew’s VH1 show Celebrity Rehab 4, nobody was surprised, but now we get to find out approximately which cocktail of drugs helps Tila engage in her particular brand of oddball behavior.

Tequila (real name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) rocketed, or more like slowly buzzed, to a D-list level fame over the years with the help of MySpace, Playboy, VH1’s A Shot of Love, an adult website, manic Twitter updates, fake pregnancies, and many other fake things, including a pretend engagement to tragic heiress Casey Johnson.

A few months back, an alledged high school friend published a scathing review of Tila’s past in a blog comment. He revealed that Tila has always had more than a bit of trouble with the truth (especially when it comes to pregnancy and violence allegations), and also has been familair with meth and cocaine for some time. Of course, those are the drugs many suspect she’s on when she goes on her Twitter rampages, or writhes on red carpets (or green carpets, see above photo). But the story is a little more interesting than that.

Radar Online reports that she also enjoys Ecstasy, which isn’t really surprising, and that she and Casey Johnson were on E when they appeared on the red carpet together and then later in a topless UStream to announce their “engagement.” But here’s the whopper: Tila is addicted to snorting Ambien!

Her daily routine would reportedly involves waking up, snorting Ambien, Googling herself, Tweeting, and then sleep again. The strange thing about that is that Ambien isn’t really that fun of a drug to snort. Here’s a description of the experience from Wiki Answers (via Gawker):

Q: What happens when you snort Ambien?
A: When you snort ambien you fell a quick (mild) high. The rush will make you dizzy and will impair your vision and judgment. It’s easiest to crush the pill down into 2 or 3 lines and snort them a few minutes apart. This eases you into the high.

To be honest, it’s not the most pleasant buzz, you spend most of your time wishing you could see straight. Also when the buzz wears off after about 30 minutes or so, you tend to feel a little low, and wanna sleep.

Really? It appears that you’d get a better high from a cup of coffee. Tila should’ve just confronted her Tequila Sunrises by putting on one of her costumes, calling up the paparazzi, and heading out to Starbucks everyday for a shot of espresso (or eight). She’d get the attention she craves plus a little pick-me-up that wouldn’t affect her vision.