Tila Tequila calls former ‘stepdaughter’ a trick in Facebook post

Tila Tequila

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, things went waaaaay south between Tila Tequila and the father of her unborn child, Thomas Whitaker. Based on a screen shot former “stepdaughter” Briana Edwards posted last week, it’s apparent that Tila turned against the whole family.

In the now-deleted Facebook post from June 3, Tila seemed to call out 20-year-old Briana.

You know… 20 years old is not a little girl anymore so if that b*tch doesn’t watch her f**king mouth I’m not afraid to knock her teeth out! Pregnancy hormones ain’t no joke honey bunny. These little tricks need to watch their smart mouth or else I will do it for them since they’re running around learning dumb sh*t from watching their parents, and my baby is NOT your half brother or sister! I’ll punch you in the f**king stomach hoe!

Briana Edwards - Tila Tequila

In leaked text messages obtained by Radar Online last month, Tila apparently used a racial slur to slam Briana’s relationship.

“Your daughter Briana is dating a n***er,” Tila allegedly said in a message to Thomas. “Why is this so prevalent in your family? Need to break the cycle.”

Tila told Radar her phone was hacked and that she didn’t actually send the messages. She hasn’t commented on Briana’s screen capture since it was posted last week.

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