Reflections With Tila Tequila: Vaccines are ‘mass genocide’ and Tila can cure cancer!

Reflections With Tila Tequila vaccines are mass genocide, Tila can cure cancer

Being a celebrity blogger, I follow a lot of celebrities’ social media accounts, but none of them (not even Farrah Abraham’s!) can widen my eyes and blow my brain as consistently as Tila Tequila’s! It’s not only Tila’s eye-popping (and bra-popping) photos, but her numerous daily postings about all sorts of topics — most of which revolve around her metaphysical Tila-centric theology (Tila Tequilology?), which blends Christianity with notions of reincarnation and psychic powers.

So, for those of you unable to digest the full Tila in all of her Tequilawesomeness, I thought I would curate some of her most notable thoughts and insights into a recurring Starcasm segment called “Reflections With Tila Tequila.”

The first installment of “Reflections With Tila Tequila” features her thoughts on vaccinations. In a rather lengthy diatribe on the subject, Tila preaches that vaccinating your child is poisoning your child and that vaccinations are a “mass genocide.”

Tila draws from first-hand knowledge, as she is the mother of a ten-month-old daughter. “Izzy is going to be 1 years old in 2 months,” Tila writes, “and to this very day she has NEVER gotten sick! Do you know why? BECAUSE I NEVER INJECTED HER WITH VACCINE POISONS!”

Here is a photo of Tila with her daughter Isabella, a.k.a. Izzy:

Tila Tequila with daughter Izzy

Tila believes that God “gave us super abilities to heal ourselves through him and our faith,” and she asks, “How do you think I healed my Mom from her Cancer????”

Here are Tila Tequila’s reflections on vaccinations in their entirety, followed by a few additional comments as well as some previous posts by Tila about how she cured her mother’s cancer:


Dear friends,

I know we have argued over this topic before, and I am not here to argue with you again about it this time. I am MERELY putting this message out there JUST IN CASE should any of you change your mind about this very serious subject matter. You don’t have to agree with me…. and if you don’t.. then please continue to move on and live your life the way you choose to. But I feel compelled to write this because I have a lot of friends, and family on here so I CARE about you!

If any of you are STILL injecting your babies with POISON aka vaccines; PLEASE STOP IT ASAP! I know, this argument can go back and fourth FOREVER and that is what THEY WANT! Divide and conquer! But it is and SHOULD BE a serious CRIME held in the highest regard for ANYONE to FORCE YOU to INJECT POISON INTO YOUR CHILDREN! Even if you are being “tricked” into doing it. God made us perfect. He made our babies perfect. He gave us super abilities to heal ourselves through him and our faith. How do you think I healed my Mom from her Cancer???? I’m not saying stop going to the doctor or anything like that… but the second you put more faith in MAN instead of GOD… you already lost the battle. Izzy is going to be 1 years old in 2 months, and to this very day she has NEVER gotten sick! Do you know why? BECAUSE I NEVER INJECTED HER WITH VACCINE POISONS! You will regret this one day. They do this to break down your immune system, causing you and your children to constantly get sick and not able to heal yourself through the natural ability GOD gave you to do so! So instead you are running back to MAN to cure all of your diseases and illnesses…. They are Using MASS GENOCIDE on all of you and you are ALLOWING IT! They are using REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY ON YOU AND IT IS WORKING! DO NOT LET THEM!

My sister’s kids, for example, are CONSTANTLY SICK! That’s because she continues to vaccinate them…. but she doesn’t know. And it hurts my heart to know that you are letting these evil corporations slowly kill your innocent babies and children. You MUST stop to think that ANY MAN BESIDES GOD, who is FORCING YOU TO INJECT ANYTHING INTO YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! THINK ABOUT THIS! WAKE UP! That is all I wanted to say. And should you choose to change your mind after reading this and TRUST YOUR HEART….. I pray that you will end up doing the right thing which is ceasing ALL FURTHER VACCINES. One day in the future this truth will come out because what goes up must come down…. and you are going to feel sick to your stomach knowing that you allowed an EVIL ENTITY trick you into hurting your own children. They are sick because it was your fault for allowing the continuation of it… and then once they get sick you go out and fill them up with more medicine don’t ya? Poor babies………. but it’s never too late to stop! Thank you that is all I wanted to say. Look how healthy, bright, smart, and happy Isabella is. Not saying that she is better than anyone, but she IS healthier. That is a fact. God bless you. ❤️‍ PS- IF YOU AGREE THEN PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!!!


Tila continued in the comments section:


Most babies are literally injected with poison the second they come out of Mommy’s protective womb filled with Nutrients and all sorts of LIFE GIVING STUFF FROM GOD… But the second they leave the womb they get injected immediately with POISON! These poor babies…. not even one second into this world and already experiencing attempted murder on their lives…. I cry cuz my heart hurts for them…. I could never imagine anyone hurting my baby Isabella this way…. I pray that you too will all soon realize this and stop hurting your children! Give them a chance at LIFE!!!!!! That’s why God created us…. so we can LIVE…… not be murdered the second we enter into this world.. 🙁

COMMENTER: I was born a healthy a baby till i got vaccinated. A few years later I started to get Asthma, Sever allergies, Overactive thyroid and so on. Why? Even my own GP told me. “It might be something in those vaccines when you were little, everyone reacts differently.” OMG I WAS SO ANGRY.

TILA: Definitely the vaccines. My sister’s children are constantly sick…. and even when they are and are around Isabella… She DOES NOT get sick! They are the ones who are constantly sick but she doesn’t even pick it up with them being around because that is how strong her immune system is! GOD MADE IS TO HAVE SUPER ABILITIES AND STRENGTH! MAN MADE US LOSE IT ALL!


As far as Tila Tequila’s ability to cure cancer, that is actually nothing new — she was talking about that way back in 2013. Here are some of Tila’s more recent entries pertaining to curing her mother of cancer specifically:


I cured my Mom’s cancer!!!! Right before I left to film CBB she was becoming very ill, and the doctor did some tests, and said they saw signs of early cancer. I had left before her 2nd check-up, but before I did I prayed to God a few times to help her on top of me healing her with my love energy! Then lo, and behold…..her cancer has miraculously disappeared! I just saw her, and she’s as healthy, and vibrant as a 20 year old!!! Crazy huh? I told you…. #HeavenOnEarth #LoveConquersAll #AskAndYeShallReceive #Believe ❤️‍?

I’ve actually been able to heal people just by putting my hand over affected area and you can literally see electrical charges of red and white light flickers! So crazy cool!! I’m glad I’m not alone and how exciting is this? Yayyy! ??????

Speaking of cancer, I cured my mom of hers. She’s now 100% free of cancer. Yes, people still choose to remain cancerous and nonbelievers.


Stay tuned for more “Reflections With Tila Tequila!”

UPDATE – Here’s a bonus video of Tila bending a door:

My first attempt at melting or “bending” the door with my mind. You will see it very clearly towards the end that the…

Posted by Tila Tequila on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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