Is Tila Tequila’s charity Jayden’s Angels a fake / fraud?

Tila Tequila quit Twitter again, maybe this time for real, but not before moving to Facebook where she can write more than 140 characters. (could be dangerous.) Tequila, or Ms. Nguyen as she now prefers to be called (sometimes) has a lot of projects on her plate, including a celebrity gossip site (there’s irony in there somewhere), a music label, and a charity called Jayden’s Angels. This is in addition to her dating site, which features nude young ladies of a questionable age, and her online gambling site which doesn’t even feature games you could actually win at with a bit of skill like poker, but instead features games designed to take your money like blackjack, roulette, and that glorious pocket-drainer, slots.

But back to the charity. December 3, 2009 Tila tweeted that Jayden’s Angels had become an official charity. She’s since been soliciting people for money both on Twitter and her main website, Tila’s Hot Spot, saying that the money donated will be used to buy clothes and school supplies for needy children. There is no mention of where, or how the money will be disbursed.

There’s just one problem, there is no listing with the IRS for a non-profit called Jayden’s Angels, which is a big problem. If you don’t have the correct papers filed, you can’t take people’s money and claim it’s for charity. Simon Monjack recently found that one out.

Now don’t get me wrong, Tila Tequila’s a pretty brilliant marketer. She’s a bit insane, has trouble with reality and rants like she’s constantly on a meth binge, not that she is, and that can make for entertainment in a sad kind of way. Tila inspires extremes, there are those who are almost psychotically devoted to her, and others who are equally obsessed with hating her. There’s honestly something valuable about her relentless drive and constant cravings for drama and attention, but it needs to be focused on more productive things than some of these shady endeavors.

Get a grip Tila Nguyen, or get some rehab, or both.

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