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Tila Tequila calls Michelle Obama a ‘tranny,’ can now control birds, etc.

It has been a while since we checked in with Tila Tequila, so we popped over to her Facebook page this weekend where it is perfectly clear that little has changed with celebridom's biggest inter-dimensional quantum-hopping super troll as she calls First Lady Michelle Obama a "f***ing tranny" before revealing that she has learned to control birds with her arms.

Tila Tequila after Brussels attack: ‘Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites’

The world's biggest celebritroll, Tila Tequila, is back at it again. In the wake of the horrific terrorist bombings in Brussels, a gleeful Tila took to Facebook to say that the recent "death, destruction, chaos, discord, and strife" is just "Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites." She went on to explain that there will soon be some sort of rapture–and added: "We can't take a lot of the foul spirits with us to heaven you know?"

Reflections With Tila Tequila: Koran is “Satan’s greatest success,” Tila is an inter-dimensional quantum-hopper

In our second installment of "Reflections With Tila Tequila," the self-proclaimed  "angelic super soldier" reveals that twisting God's message in the Koran is "Satan's greatest success." She also explains that she often "quantum-hops" from "one parallel world to the next," and the reason her Facebook posts sometimes seem like she is "randomly babbling about nonsense" is because she writes some of them while she is still in those parallel dimensions. Oh, and she likes staring at the sun for long periods of time. Keep reading for the complete, unedited Tila entries.

Reflections With Tila Tequila: Vaccines are ‘mass genocide’ and Tila can cure cancer!

Being a celebrity blogger, I follow a lot of celebrities' social media accounts, but none of them (not even Farrah Abraham's!) can widen my eyes and blow my brain as consistently as Tila Tequila's! It's not only Tila's eye-popping (and bra-popping) photos, but her numerous daily postings about all sorts of topics -- most of which revolve around her metaphysical Tila-centric theology (Tila Tequilology?), which blends Christianity with notions of reincarnation and psychic powers.