Tila Tequila after Brussels attack: ‘Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites’

Tila Tequila unatroller addresses Brussels bombing

The world’s biggest celebritroll, Tila Tequila, is back at it again. In the wake of the horrific terrorist bombings in Brussels, a gleeful Tila took to Facebook to say that the recent “death, destruction, chaos, discord, and strife” is just “Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites.” She went on to explain that there will soon be some sort of rapture–and added: “We can’t take a lot of the foul spirits with us to heaven you know?”

Here is Tila Tetrollya’s full post, complete with crying laughing emoji:

So much death, destruction, chaos, discord, and strife happening currently! It’s time! ‪#‎ThePurgeContinues‬ wooohooo! We can’t take a lot of the foul spirits with us to heaven you know? So don’t worry, everything happening now is supposed to happen. Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites. Then one day in the near future a huge “flash” will take place, and all souls who have passage to enter heaven aka heavenly bodies aka “stars in space” will be transported there while everyone on earth burns in the fire! Bye bye! ???? And now there is a report about how all the recent earthquakes in Cali, and Canada has actually caused the plates to shift! Anyway, don’t be afraid……you’ll see! Oh and good morning! Lol


One sane commenter bothered to take the time to address Tila’s comments and call her out for her hateful ignorance:

Tila, don’t be idiotic for attention, it’s transparent. Earthquakes are caused by plates shifting. That’s what an earthquake is. More importantly, though, are you actually attempting to say that the innocent (yes. That word is correct) children and adults who have died in terrorist attacks are foul souls? That the innocent kids who have been murdered deserved it? Get real, no one with an iota of intelligence buys what you’re trying to sell, and nobody believes that you have super powers or special, divine, inside knowledge. You most certainly don’t.


As you might expect, Tila was unfazed:

No, absolutely not! But everything happens for a reason, and maybe these “innocent humans” were not so innocent in their past lives….what goes around comes around, and the circle of life continues until the lessons have been learned.


Now we wait to see if Tila doubles down on her lunacy, apologizes, or blames someone else for making the post. Meanwhile, is there any way we can report Tila for hateful trolling on her various social media accounts?

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