VIDEOS Tila Tequila’s Gathering of the Juggalos attack

Tila Tequila attacked at the Gathering of the Juggalos

The first video of Tila Tequila’s performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos has surfaced. It’s a short clip taken from backstage showing Tila attempting to perform as a man charges the stage and has to be subdued as other crowd members hurl objects at her. She has security with her on stage, but it’s obvious even in this short clip that they were not going to be enough to protect her.

As we posted yesterday, Tila was attacked with bottles, stones and firecrackers while on stage and was chased to a trailer by an angry mob. She sustained multiple lacerations to her face and numerous other injuries in the attack and has announced plans to take legal action against the organizers of the event.

CLICK HERE to see the graphic photos of Tila’s injuries and read some of the threatening comments made by Juggalos prior to the concert.

Police are hoping more videos will surface so they will be able to identify and persecute individuals involved in the incident.

Topless Tila Tequila gets owned by Juggalos at Gathering on

**** UPDATE **** Here’s another video shot from the audience that shows Tila’s introduction and stuff being thrown at her immediately after she took the stage. She looks to be spraying silly string at the audience but it didn’t seem to win them over…

**** UPDATE **** Another, longer version of the video:

And another short audience clip (great quality!):

Here’s a video of Tila arriving back in Los Angeles at LAX. She appears to be quite shaken and tries to hide her face as the camera man asks her questions about the attack. Tila isn’t very responsive, but her bodyguard talks a little bit about the Juggalos, who he says were “hostile” from the beginning: