Tila Tequila sort of apologizes for Big Ang comments, claims they were someone else’s fault

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Tila Tequila has been working overtime this week! Just one day after her comments about deceased Mob Wives fan favorite Angela “Big Ang” Raiola earned her widespread ridicule and condemnation, the 34-year-old took to Facebook to apologize for her controversial statements…by letting an employee take the blame.

Upon first hearing of Big Ang’s passing, Tila shared what appeared to be a heartfelt message on Facebook:


I am terribly sad to hear that Big Ang has passed away! I didn’t know her well, but when I met her she was the only other celebrity who was friendly with me, and always sat next to me. She was asking me a lot about Izzy, and then shared pics of her family to me, and told me what a blessing babies are! She was a very fun, and free spirit for the short time that I got to spend with her! R.I.P. Big Ang! You will be missed dearly!


Anti-Tila Tequila sentiment blew up, however, when she continued talking about Big Ang in a separate post. “Do you guys think she deserves to be praised?” Tila asked. “I mean she was the wife of a serial murderer mobster. Why is everyone so sad? Did she cry for the families her husband destroyed? I don’t understand why everyone feels so sad. lol What do you guys think?”

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Evidently, people thought a number of negative things about Tila, because her Facebook page was flooded with backlash. Which is why, earlier today, the often-controversial figure decided to step up and apologize by letting her (alleged) marketing director fall on this particular sword.

Here’s Tila Tequila’s pseudo-apology in full:

ATTENTION : To All Tila Followers , my name is Joe Bell and I am a Marketing Director. Last night I made an unethical ,…

Posted by Tila Tequila on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If the commentary on that apology is any indication, Tila might have done herself more harm than good…

(Photo credits: Tila Tequila via Facebook)

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