First photos of Tila Tequila’s baby daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen

Tila Tequila daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen

It’s been just over a week since former reality star Tila Nguyen gave birth to her first child, daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen. The social media maven has been unusually quiet as she enjoyed her first days of motherhood, but earlier today she shared the first photos of Isabella as well as an update for fans.

“Hey Everyone!” Tila wrote excitedly. “So it’s been a good 9 whole days since Isabella has been born, and I know you all have been waiting to see pictures of her so I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer!” Tila then talked about the joy of motherhood:

I am so lucky to be able to wake up seeing, and kissing on this beautiful little face of hers every single day! The world could end right now, and as long as I have her held close to my chest and feel her little heart beating…. nothing else in this world matters! The only thing that matters to me is my little princess and what a beautiful, gorgeous, and perfect little princess she is! I seriously am so in love! *Sighs*

Tila Tequila daughter Isabella Monroe photo

She then reveals that Isabella has been extremely well behaved and that she credits that to her own temperament during pregnancy and affection after giving birth:

Isabella is such a good baby! She barely ever cries, and has such an easy temper, but I always knew that she would because during my pregnancy I really stayed calm, relaxed, and stress free. I was always happy so I think that definitely affected the way she is now. I notice that the more loved and secure babies feel… the less they cry and act out, and I intend on doing everything in my power to always make her feel extra loved and cared for!

In addition to the two lovely photos in this post, Tila also shared a picture breastfeeding Isabella. “I breastfeed her about every 2 hours all day everyday and we both LOVE IT!” Tila says. “Breastfeeding truly does build the strongest bond between a Mother & her baby!”

Prior to today’s post, Tila shared a couple of photos of Isabella in which her face was not clearly visible. “I am so proud to announce that Isabella Monroe Nguyen was born on Sunday, November 16th weighing in at 7-pounds, 2-ounces,” she wrote on Thursday. “She is the most perfect, beautiful, and precious little Angel!”

Tila also explained why she had not previously made an official announcement online.” I have been in the hospital this entire time so I could not get to the internet to announce the news myself,” she explained, “but I just got back home and we are both doing well! I am just enjoying my newfound Motherhood now and enjoying spending every precious moment with my beautiful daughter.”

Congratulations once again to Mama Tila Tequila and baby Isabella Monroe! I’m sure we will be seeing A LOT more from both over the next few years. 🙂

UPDATE – And another Thanksgiving treat from Mama Tila:

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