PHOTOS VIDEOS Tila Tequila’s public meltdown live on UStream continues…with a gun and alternate personality Jane Cordovez!

Tila Tequila threatens suicide as alter-ego Jane Cordovez

Tila Tequila made blogging headlines a couple days ago when she seemingly cracked from the pressure stemming from her lawsuit against alleged attacker and NFL All Pro Shawne Merriman and broadcast a live streaming video on UStream during which she ranted crazily in various states of undress. Her lawyer has since apologized for the incident citing the aforementioned “pressure” that his client is under as the cause.

But, Tila didn’t seem too apologetic at all as she once again took to the internet via UStream last night channeling her alternate personality Jane Cordovez. “Jane” went on a profanity-laced tirade about how Tila was asleep and that she was more gangsta than the more polite Tila. “Jane” did some freestyle rap with a gun and later a sword before playing some new tracks off of Tila’s just-completed new album and rounding out the evening by DJ-ing songs by other artists, playing piano and eventually making noise with a highly distorted electric bass guitar.

Tila tweeted that the live broadcast was to start around 8:30 PST but was over 3 hours late arriving, outraging many fans – most of which stuck it out anyway in anticipation of the craziness Tila might bestow upon them. Tila’s living room went on for over 4 hours, finishing up after 4 AM on the west coast. Disappointingly for most everyone watching, Tila kept her bra and pants on the entire evening and though starting out pretty loopy, she seemed to mellow out get waaaaay more boring the later it got. She did have what appeared to be an authentic handgun (unloaded) and a long sword, both of which she used as props throughout the performance.

The complete broadcasts from UStream are embedded below, but first here are a few highlights from youtube. First up is Jane introducing herself and clarifying to everyone watching that she was NOT Tila Tequila. (Warning – these videos contain A LOT of profanity.)

And next is Tila addressing a tweet that mentioned she might commit suicide, to which Tila (Jane?) responded that she has experienced six near-death experiences in her life already and that she’s already seen the other side:

Here are some of my favorite stills from the broadcast, starting with Tila’s bloodshot eyeball, which she claims was caused by an assistant that bought her the wrong kind of contact solution, and including three shots of Tila Tequila putting a gun in her mouth (a recurrent theme throughout the show.) Also, there’s ninja Tila with a sword and this sexy shot of TT with all of her weaponry barely holstered:

Tila Tequila and her slightly concealed weapons

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions and scroll through the gallery:


And for you truly diehard members of the Tila Army, here are the complete broadcasts. There are two because at one point Tila “went to bed” and shut off the camera, but came back 15 minutes or so later and turned it back on when she saw there were about a thousand folks still tuned in.

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