Celebrity Big Brother UK vs USA cast leaks? Scott Disick, Farrah Abraham, Tila Tequila and more!

Celebrity Big Brother UK vs US Farrah Abraham Scott Disick Tila Tequila

Next month, the centuries-old rivalry between the United States and Mother England will be rekindled. Both nations will send their best celebrity gladiators to dream, scheme and backstab their way to glory inside the famous camera-laden abode known as the Celebrity Big Brother House. Although there have been casting rumors for months, the Channel 5 MI5 have done an amazing job at keeping that information from going public….Until now!

A full cast list was posted on Sunday by a Celebrity Big Brother Twitter account. It’s confirmed that singer, reality star, former MySpace maven, and recent mom Tila Tequila will representing Uncle Sam’s melting pot. According to the list, she will be joined by Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ Scott Disick, supermodel Janice Dickinson, YouTuber BradTheLadLong, pro wrestler Chyna Laurer, and producer David Gest.

Among the British CBB residents are (and I have no idea what any of them do and didn’t bother to look it up #MERICA) Dan Osborne, Nathasha Hamilton, Eamonn Holmes, Sherrie Hewson, James Hill, Vicky Pattison, and Stevi Ritchie.

Here’s the original “leaked” cast list:

Celebrity Big Brother UK vs USA cast leaked list

There were previous reports about Farrah Abraham as well as Janice Dickinson, so those two announcements should come as no surprise. Something else that should come as no surprise? If this is the actual US cast, there will be TONS of tension before the house guests even walk through the door!

You might recall that Scott Disick once said he thought Farrah Abraham was “some sh!t stain on Twitter” and Farrah responded by arguing that Scott’s comments were racist. (That whole feud was started by Farrah, who, after Kourtney announced she was pregnant, asked openly whether or not Kourtney learned “anything from watching Teen Mom.”)

Professional bridge burner Farrah has also had a run in with Tila Tequila after Tila beat Farrah for an AVN Award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape.

Oh, and Tila is currently involved in a feud with YouTuber BradTheLadLong! Check it out:


ERMAGERD! PLEASE let this cast list be true!

Although it reveals nothing about the cast, here is the dramatic trailer for 2015 Celebrity Big Brother UK vs USA:

And here’s the official synopsis from Channel 5:


This summer, Celebrity Big Brother has thrown down the gauntlet to celebrities from both sides of the pond to take part in the ultimate CBB battle! Get ready for UK vs USA and watch the drama unfold. Who will have the stamina to reign victorious?

The housemates will play a game that could deliver huge consequences for the losers and ultimate power to the champions. Join Emma Willis for the live launch, as the housemates are revealed. Expect all the excitement of a big sporting event, as the Brits and the Yanks come head to head.

The CBB House will be decorated with British and American iconography, but the housemates will feel far from home as there will be plenty of surprises along the way. Our patriotic celebrities will need to be very competitive as the UK and USA are pitted against each other in an epic trial of tasks, challenges and twists. Viewers will be entertained with daily highlights leading up to game changing evictions. Only one thing is certain… there will be one winner. Who are you backing?

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On the Side will return nightly with Rylan, who will be joined by a variety of celebrity panelists and an audience of CBB fans to debate hot topics, reveal exclusives and go behind the scenes of the main show.


Stay tuned for a cast confirmation. Until then, cheers!

Scott Disick as the Wolf of Wall Street

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