Tila Tequila is real life Blindspot, challenges fans to decipher ‘secret map’ of tattoos

Tila Tequila dragon Tattoo

NBC’s hit new thriller drama Blindspot is centered around a mystery woman covered in tattoos that provide encrypted clues that lead F.B.I. agents on a network-series-worthy string of adventures that gradually uncovers a huge criminal conspiracy. But, like so many other things, it appears that Tila Tequila pioneered this concept well before NBC came up with Blindspot.

Tila posted the photo of her collection of back tattoos above, including a very prominent dragon with Arabic writing underneath, on Facebook earlier today…and challenged her fans to decipher the “secret map” contained in them. From Tila:

#TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo my tattoo’s are actually a secret map that reveals something. Unbeknownst to me at the time. Until one day I became enlightened and realized I did that subconsciously. Just thought I’d share since some of you asked. If you can decode it, great! ??❤?

Apparently, even Tila herself was not aware of her genius when she had her collection of back tattoos done?

Either way, we’re here to help you figure out the secret — it could very well be the secret to life, the universe, and everything, right? Here is a video of Tila Tequila getting her dragon tattoo from famous tattoo artist Ami James on TLC’s NY Ink reality series:

Ami asks Tila in the clip, “What does this dragon represent to you?”

Tila reveals that it directly ties to her mom and dad. “In Chinese astrology, my parents they’re both dragons,” Tila says, “so that kind of represents my mom and dad bringing us up [which was] very hard.”

Here’s a zoomed-in cap from the clip:

Tila Tequila dragon tattoo on her back with Arabic writing

She is also asked about the text underneath the dragon tattoo, and why she chose to have it done in Arabic. “I decided to get it written in Arabic because the language is a very old, sacred language,” Tila says. “And the saying — ‘We’re all born to die, then life goes on’ — at first it may sound a little morbid, but it’s what you do in between is what matters.”

She later summarizes, “This tattoo represents these struggles in my life and kind of summarizes everything I’ve been through.”

Being an amateur Tilaologist, I’m going to speculate that part of the subconscious meaning Tila refers to is in that phrase. When she first got the tattoo, she was focused on our existence between life and death, but she has since become quite obsessed with the afterlife. So, I am guessing that she now finds meaning in a more literal reading of the phrase “We’re all born to die, then life goes on.”

I’m not sure if she has a new interpretation for the dragon, but it is such a versatile symbol that I’m guessing Tila’s creative powers could read all sorts of new meaning into it.

I should also mention that Tila does pluralize “tattoos” in her post, so the secret map may also include the scorpion tattoo on her right shoulder, the Chinese lettering on her neck, and the letters below that appear to be “o*g*r*i*m.” Googling that letter combination doesn’t turn up much, other than this entry from elderscrolls.wikia.com:

Ogrim are massive, powerful, dimly intelligent servants of the Daedra Lord Malacath. Daedra hearts have modest magical properties, but you have to dig through a lot of Daedra to get at an ogrim’s heart.” ― Vala Catraso

There’s no way Tila would EVER compare herself to a “dimly intelligent servant,” so clearly this must be referencing something else.

UPDATE – Tila Tequila has since responded to our post and clarified what those letters are and what they mean:

I found this interesting article that ‪#‎Starcasm‬ wrote about me. However, I would like to point out an error they made. The acronyms on my back is: O.G.C.J.M. It means “Only God Can Judge Me” and I have it on my back because people in this world tend to judge you behind your back. But I see it. Also, I hope the new NBC series ‘Blindspot’ will pay me some residuals for stealing my life story idea to turn into a TV show! LOLLL ? BTW… wanna know what else is interesting? One time I DID, in fact, have a dream where these FBI detectives were trying to solve a murder case, and asked me if I could help them because I have psychic abilities. Coincidence??? Hmm…. Oh, but I will say there is DEFINITELY a secret code to decode on all of my posts here on FB and just basically everywhere, but it’s not about murder…But wait… Jesus did get murdered. yeah? LOL If you are not able to decode what the secret map on my back means and the ones on my arms. Don’t you just LOVE solving mysteries? I SURE DO!! Hehehehe. ‪#‎GoodLuck‬ ❤️‍

OK, Tila Tecryptographers: get to work!

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