PHOTOS Who is the father of Tila Tequila’s baby? Meet Thomas Whitaker

Tila Tequila Pregnant

Tila Tequila surprised her fans last week by revealing she’s diving straight into motherhood by welcoming step-children and expecting a child of her own. The one detail missing from the revelation? Who is the father of Tila’s baby?!

Although Tila hasn’t confirmed her significant other’s identity, she provided a big clue by sharing a photo her self-described step-daughter. (As far as we can tell, Tila and her man haven’t tied the knot. So, legally speaking, she isn’t a step-mom yet.) Tila said of the picture, “This is my baby’s big sister and she looks exactly like her Daddy who is also my baby’s Daddy! Duh! LOL Awww we are going to have such a lovely, beautiful, and loving family!”

Tila Tequila's stepdaughter photo

Some Internet sleuths got digging and quickly realized that picture is also the background on the Twitter page of a Georgia musician named Thomas Whitaker. Radar Online reached out to him for comment and he confirmed that, yep, he put a baby in Tila.

“Tila is right around 10 weeks into her pregnancy, and yes ma’am I am the father of her/our baby,” Thomas told Radar. “Tila has a wonderful relationship with my daughters, Sierra, Jenna, and Brianna… and they love each other very much! We are all very happy about the arrival of a new addition to our family, and about the blessing of the birth of a child into the world.”

Thomas Paxton Whitaker - Tila Tequila

Thomas’ statement actually indicates he has three daughters already — although Tila just mentioned two. It seems that little detail just slipped her mind, because this shows she’s actually quite close with the girls.

Tila Tequila Stepdaughters

Not to be too cynical, but that picture also demonstrates that this “Thomas Paxton Whitaker” guys isn’t just a super fan who replaced his Twitter background with the came photo Tila shared. (Crazier things have happened. Nev Schulman and Max Joseph could probably back me up on that.)

Besides keeping busy as a dad, Thomas describes himself as “an American Songwriter, Musician, Rapper and Music Producer.” One of his new songs is even about a Hollywood Love Story… No doubt about the identity of his muse.

Thomas Whitaker - Rook - Tila Tequila

Speaking to Radar, Thomas also praised Tila for the recent transformation he’s seen in her.

“Tila has finally reached that place in her life which will define her as the person she truly is… a strong but fragile woman with a purpose in this world who deserves to be loved just as much as any of the rest of us.”

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Tila made a similar point.

“It has been quite a painful journey for me, and I never thought I was going to make it out alive. So to be able to do a total 180 and finally be blessed with my first child gets me so emotional that I can barely even handle it,” she said, adding she hopes to have “plenty more pregnancies.”

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