Author: Violeta Idyll

Do Real Housewives pay to be on the show? Secrets revealed

Stephanie Hollman, who was the only Real Housewives of Dallas cast member to be on the show for the entirety of its five season run, is now sharing secrets about the franchise on TikTok (@stephhollman.) One topic is about how expensive it can be to keep up appearances on the show. Usually, their paycheck doesn’t even start to cover wardrobe or party-planning expenses.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s new shocking diet: IVs, bone broth and vegetables

The subject of what actress and “wellness” entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow eats in a day has been a topic of discussion for a while. People in general are curious about what others eat, especially those in high social status and are considered beautiful.

The fact that Gwyneth is the face of a lifestyle/health brand, just launched a restaurant concept, and has written multiple cookbooks makes her diet of extra interest. Unfortunately, Gwyneth’s current daily diet seems dangerously unsustainable for an adult human.

Why do people care what Lachlan Markay thinks about Meg White?

When The White Stripes debuted “Seven Nation Army” in 2003, its intoxicating sound immediately helped define a generation. A huge part of that sound can be credited to drummer Meg White, who retired in 2010 and hasn’t really been heard from again. This week a retired journalist gave a hot take about her drumming skills that set Twitter ablaze and awakened us slumbering millennial from our mid-life apathy. Now, he’s saying that he doesn’t even agree with what he said and asks Meg White, and the rest of the world, for forgiveness.

‘Stalker vibes?’ Tammy’s husband Caleb purposefully sought her out

On last week’s episode of 1000 LB Sisters it was revealed that Tammy Slaton’s husband Caleb Willingham purposefully sought treatment at her rehab facility, leading others to worry that he was engaging in “stalker” behavior. Her family is concerned that he might take advantage of Tammy or have clout-chasing intentions.

1000 LB SISTERS Tammy Slaton immediately saw life-changing results from weight loss surgery

1000 lb Sisters‘s Tammy Slaton was finally approved for weight loss surgery in 2022 after years of having trouble losing the necessary weight to go forward. Tammy has suffered from severe health problems exacerbated by her weight, and reached her highest weight of 717 lbs. last year. Once she was able to get the surgery, she immediately saw amazing results.