SISTER WIVES Why Maddie’s daughter Evie had her foot amputated

While Christine was in New Jersey for Ysabel’s surgery, Janelle also traveled for surgery. Her granddaughter Evie K. was getting her foot amputated to address her FATCO condition.

FATCO (Fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome) is a rare syndrome and one of the symptoms is missing bones. Evie was born without some fingers and without bones in one of her feet.

They had a couple of options to address this and help Evie live a normal, active life. Of these options, Evie’s parents Maddie and Caleb decided to amputate the foot have prosthetics made for Evie. She underwent what is called a “Boyd” amputation.

Evie’s surgery went well according to Janelle, and she seems to be living a normal, toddler life with her older brother Axel.

Evie had her surgery on her first birthday, so they had to celebrate her birthday once she came home.

Images via TLC, @madison_rose11 Instgram

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