RHOSLC Jen Shah’s mother Charlene liquidated $1 million in retirement to help her pay attorney fees

RHSLC’s Jen Shah is currently facing fraud charges and she needed immediately needed a $2 million retainer for her lawyer. During this week’s episode of the show, Jen beseeched her mother Charlene to help her pay for these steep legal fees while they met up to make hygiene bags.

During their conversation, it was revealed that Jen’s mother believes Jen is innocent and has liquidated her retirement assets to the tune of $1 million in order to help pay for Jen’s legal fees.

“You’re innocent and I’m gonna do whatever I can,” Charlene says while choking back tears. Charlene worked in education for over 25 years, so amassing $1 million wasn’t easy for her.

Jen has also discussed with her husband Sharrieff the need to downsize their lavish lifestyle in order to find the money she’s going to need to fight her case. Before the Shahs appeared on RHOSLC in a lavish “Chalet,” they lived in a home they purchased for $302,069, which is nice for most people, but modest compared to Real Housewives’ lifestyles. They sold their longtime home for $213,000 and started renting a $3.9 million for $13,217 a month rental. Before Season 2, they had moved again to another, slightly less expensive lavish rental worth about $3.17 million. Jen was not arrested until after Season 2 started filming.

Jen’s assistant Stuart Smith was also arrested the same day Jen was arrested in March of 2021. Jen claims she is innocent, but Stuart has pled guilty.

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