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RHOC Is Heather Dubrow upset with Nicole James for suing her husband?

Nicole James was friends with Heather Dubrow for six years without telling her that she once sued Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow over a breast surgery. The secret came out when Shannon Beador, who had been an acquaintance of Nicole back when the lawsuit was happening, gossiped to Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter about it. Gina then told Heather about the lawsuit at a lavish $36,000 sushi party that got shut down early because of all the drama. Heather was furious with Shannon over this, but does she harbor any hurt feelings toward Nicole?

RHOC Who is Nicole James’ ex-husband Roman James?

On the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 16, Episode 3 “Gone Guy,”) Nicole James comforted Noella Bergener when she was going through a difficult time with her husband by sharing that she was “going through a divorce.” Not much is known about Nicole’s divorce, and she doesn’t seem to be opening up about it onscreen the way Noella is. What is known is that her ex is a man named Roman James.

RHOC The truth about why Nicole Weiss James sued Terry Dubrow over breast implants

The first few episodes of Season 16 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills immediately kicked off with a personal drama. Shannon Beador remembers the new “friend” of the show Nicole Weiss James from 16 years ago, and she recalls a secret that makes it seem really odd that Nicole is now good friends with Heather Dubrow. It turns out Nicole sued Terry years ago. Did Heather not know about this?

RHOC Why Shannon Beador regrets saying Nicole James sued Terry Dubrow, plus did Nicole James date Kid Rock?

When we’re introduced to Nicole Weiss James, a new friend of Real Housewives of Orange County we learn that call husband friends with Heather Dubrow for eight years. So, it’s a bit of a shock when Shannon Beador claims that Nicole has sued Heather’s husband Terry in the past. This potential lawsuit happened decades ago so Shannon reasons that maybe they’ve gotten over it. Shannon shared this information with Emily and Gina who then brought it to Heather’s attention at Heather’s party, which caused quite a stir. Now Shannon regrets ever bringing this up.