SISTER WIVES filming for Season 17, Meri and Robyn go live together at Ariella’s birthday party

Robyn, Meri, and Jen

Sister Wives will be back for at least one more season as Meri and Robyn Brown revealed on Instagram live that they had been filming yesterday for the show. Meri hopped on live to restart her “Fridays With Friends” live stream series with her friend Jen, who runs her B&B in Utah. At first, she didn’t reveal where she was, but her location was soon uncovered when Robyn joined her on camera.

Meri told Robyn that she had taken off her mermaid necklace because she didn’t want to spoil that she was at Ariella’s mermaid-themed birthday party. Robyn then helped Meri get the necklace back on and they joked that tabloids would report that Robyn was strangling Meri.

They revealed that they had been filming for a new season when they started discussing how they have to remember to turn off their microphones when they go to the bathroom or else the sound people will hear everything. They had been filming yesterday and they were laughing about how their female audio engineer made a comment to Meri about her bathroom comments.

Jen also explained that she, along with most of the cast of Sister Wives didn’t actually watch the show, so they are often unaware of what comments from viewers about the new season are talking about.

Towards the end of the live stream, Kody Brown and Solomon came on camera. They had been playing Ari’s favorite game Hide Your Assets, which Robyn said she had never played. Kody wanted to let Robyn know that he had figured out how to make their surround sound system work.

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