RHOC Dr. Terry Dubrow selling price-inflated COVID tests on a home shopping channel

Being a plastic surgeon isn’t RHOC’s Dr. Terry Dubrow only gig besides reality shows. He’s also appearing on a home shopping network helping to sell overpriced COVID-19 tests in the midst of a national shortage.

The Flowflex COVID-19 home antigen test usually sells for $9.99 at drugstores like Walgreens, but because of the omicron surge the tests are often sold out.

Home shopping network ShopHQ does have a stash of the sought-after tests and is selling them at a 238% markup with the heal of RHOC’s Dr. Terry Dubrow.

With ShopHQ, you can get five tests for $119.00 plus $10.99 shipping and handling. They also offer an interest-free payment plan at $19.83 a month. Home COVID-19 tests are not only convenient, but they are also often recommended to avoid the extra exposure of leaving the house.

The Dubrows’ $21 million mansion certainly isn’t going to pay for itself. Both Terry and Heather often appear on the ShopHQ network selling items. Heather sells clothes and accessories on a show called Heather’s Closet. Both Heather and Terry have partnered to promote a supplement and beauty brand called Consult Beaute, which sells vitamins, cleansers, and creams.

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