SISTER WIVES Garrison Brown has purchased his own Flagstaff house for $329K

One of the many controversies amongst the Sister Wives‘s Brown family playing out on television right now is the fact that in the fall of 2020 Kody Brown wanted to evict his sons Garrison and Gabe Brown from their mother Janelle’s home because he felt they weren’t following his COVID-19 protocols strictly enough. At the time, Kody was living at his other wife Robyn’s house for the past nine months. Garrison was 22 at the time and staying at his mom’s house while he saved money for a down payment on a house in the competitive Flagstaff market. He’s now realized that goal and closed on a $329k 4-bedroom home.

According to The Sun, Garrison’s new Flagstaff digs is a two-story house with 1,441 sq. ft and four bedrooms, two baths. It sports new wood flooring and a fireplace. It’s an impressive feat for a 23-year-old who saved up his own money.

What does Garrison Brown do for a living?

Garrison first enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard on November 19, 2015. He had wanted to join the Army but made a compromise with his father Kody to join the National Guard instead. Garrison followed his mom Janelle Brown when the family moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he got a job. It’s unclear what his job is, but he is passionate about carpentry and helped renovate a camper van for his mom when she moved on the Coyote Pass property temporarily this past summer.

In 2019 Garrison started a Hawaiian shirt business called Bob’s Floral, which is currently on hiatus. (Robert is his first name.) The website states that the brand has plans to return when it can find a way to manufacture the shirts domestically in the U.S.

In the below Instagram picture from before the pandemic, Garrison is wearing his shirts alongside his father Kody and brother Gabe.

It’s sad looking at this picture and then seeing Sister Wives episodes of Kody so adamant about evicting Garrison from his mother’s house just because he had a job outside the home.

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