RHOC How many rooms does Heather Dubrow’s $21 million mansion have?

After five years away from the franchise, Heather Dubrow is back on Real Housewives of Orange County and ready to show off her dream house. The $21 million 22,000 sq. ft. mansion is so large Heather has trouble remembering how many rooms it has.

Heather settles on 13 before arguing that the number of rooms isn’t an “exorbitant amount.” She says they are the “normal” amount of rooms except bigger. In her 13 room estimation, she’s not even including the 14 bathrooms (one of which is “hidden”) in the house. Most houses in the U.S. have 2-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms, so her perspective of normal is a little skewed. Even for Heather’s circle of friends, the house is huge and extreme.

The mansion’s movie theater cost $1 million (not to be confused with the “media room,”) and they have an entire room dedicated to champagne. Another room is a rather large office for Terry that he never uses. The house has two kitches, one of which is for the butler. The house has seven bedrooms, one of which Heather converted into a studio for her podcast during the pandemic.

Also included in the home is a luxurious interior courtyard. They had to use a crane to transplant a tree into the hidden garden. In the huge foyer, there is a huge window etched with a tree that has four birds representing each of her children with two eggs for her frozen embryos.

Other details include an onyx bar with two beer taps, a barbecue cabana, and a swimming pool with a waterfall. Many of the rooms have gorgeous balconies.

Hanging from the 28 ft. ceiling in the foyer is a massive 10-layer chandelier. During a house our on the show, Heather revealed that stones in the foyer were imported via the biggest shipping container ever brought in the United States.

On Watch What Happens Live Heather shared some other unbelievable features of her home: a “gigantic gong” the backyard, a champagne doorbell in her closet, an “ice machine that pumps air into the ice,” two disco balls in her garage, and Valentino studs on the hood above the oven, and a section of the laundry room dedicated to gift wrapping.

The couple purchased the 0.75-acre lot in 2013 for $4.2 million and spent years building and designing it. At least Heather spent years working on it. Part of their deal was that Terry would have no say in what happened with the house. Every detail has sprung from the mind and imagination of Heather Dubrow.

Heather says she drew most of the details in the house, including the iron railings, sconces, and moldings.

Below is a tour Heather posted on YouTube in 2018 after they first moved in.

Heather’s House Tour YouTube playlist


A tour she shared with Entertainment Tonight in 2019

This sprawling home isn’t the only property Heather and Terry Dubrow own. Last year they announced that they’re building a lakefront house in Idaho to fulfill another of Heather’s dreams. During the first episode of Season 16, Heather asks her kids (while the family is being served pizzas by the house chef, Nick) if they would want to spend time in Idaho, and if they didn’t maybe they wouldn’t follow through with building there. Their daughter Coco said she’s spend summers there for sure.

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