RHOC Is Heather Dubrow upset with Nicole James for suing her husband?

Nicole James was friends with Heather Dubrow for six years without telling her that she once sued Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow over a breast surgery. The secret came out when Shannon Beador, who had been an acquaintance of Nicole back when the lawsuit was happening, gossiped to Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter about it. Gina then told Heather about the lawsuit at a lavish $36,000 sushi party that got shut down early because of all the drama. Heather was furious with Shannon over this, but does she harbor any hurt feelings toward Nicole?

Heather recently spoke to The Insider about her feelings about Nicole James. While she does wish Nicole had disclosed that she had once sued Terry so they could have “avoided all of this,” she isn’t upset with her friend.

“I’m not angry with her. Because I get it,” Heather said. “She either thought we knew and didn’t want to talk about it or we didn’t know.”

Heather also thinks that Nicole has changed as a person since she brought the suit against Terry. “She’s a different person. She’s a mother. She’s an upstanding member of our community,” Heather explained. However, she would feel differently if Nicole had followed through with the lawsuit.

Heather actually feels bad for subjecting Nicole to public humiliation by convincing her to join the show. “I talked her into coming on the show,” Heather said. “And honestly, she’s the kindest, most generous girl. I’ve never heard her say an unkind word about anybody. And so, here I bring her on the show, she’s at my house, it’s the first party and she’s completely blindsided. Can you imagine? I felt horrible for her.”

Once Heather and Terry spoke to Nicole about the lawsuit, Nicole explained to them that she had briefly tried to sue Terry after a breast surgery because she was a young model who was pressured to do so by her managers and lawyers. She dropped the suit and says that she doesn’t think Terry did anything wrong.

Shannon Beador now regrets ever bringing up this piece of information, even off camera, during filming.

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