RHONJ Teresa Giudice asks viewers to “not judge” her for what she does in Season 12, is it worse than table flipping?

Teresa Giudice has given multiple teasers that she did something while filming the Season 12 of Real Housewives of New Jersey that rivals her Season 1 rage-fueled table-flipping behavior.

In December 2021, @realhousewivestik posted an interview with Teresa on TikTok. In the clip, Teresa pleads with the audience while keeping her palms together in a praying gesture, “Guys, I was trying to be so good this season, I really was, and then, you know – you guys gotta watch!”

“Please don’t judge me,” she asks. “Judging’s a poor quality until you really get to know the person. Okay? Just sayin’.”


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During an interview to promote Real Housewives Ultimate Girl Trip which started streaming last year on Peacock, Teresa revealed that she did something this season “that tops” her”iconic” table flip.

She goes on to say that what happened that triggered her was “personal to me.”


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The original table flip occurred during the finale of RHONJ Season 1 when all castmembers met up for a dinner after a lot of drama over a book written by Danielle Staub’s ex-husband. It exposed Danielle’s past with cocaine addiction and stated that she was involved with a kidnapping. There were also court documents that revealed that Danielle once worked as an escort.

The argument started over who had found the book to begin with. Danielle had heard that it was Dina Manzo, but Caroline Manzo argued that it was her. Jacqueline also said she heard it was Dina Manzo, so Danielle accused Caroline of covering for her sister. It was during this heated exchange that Caroline uttered the lines: “Let me tell you something about my family, we are as thick as thieves.” Unfortunately that bond between Caroline and Dina Manzo, who are both sisters, but were also both married to Manzo brothers at the time, is now severed over a violent mob-related hit directed towards Dina.

Teresa wasn’t involved in the argument but inserted herself by telling Danielle that some of what was in the book had to be true or her ex-husband wouldn’t have written it. Danielle argued that only two things were true: that she was arrested and that she had changed her name (Danielle’s name used to be Beverly Merrill, and she has also gone by Angela Minelli.) “Pay attention, puh-leaze,” Danielle told Teresa. Teresa is often the butt of jokes insulting her intelligence, so this was a major trigger for her. She completely lost herself.

“I am paying attention. Obviously, there has to be something else. It’s just not name change and arrested. There has to be something else,” Teresa replies, getting angrier as she goes.

“You were stripping. Prostitution whore! You were f**king engaged 19 times. You f**king stupid bitch,” Teresa says and starts pulling up on the table, which had a hanging leaf on her end. She loosened it up and then completely flipped her end of the table, causing plates, glasses, and silverware to crash to the ground.

Teresa eventually made up with and befriended Danielle Staub years later after she had gone to prison for wire fraud. She even apologized to Danielle’s youngest daughter Jillian for her actions that night. Danielle says Teresa’s outburst affected how the kids treated her children at school.

Their friendship ended for good in Season 10 after Danielle pulled castmate Margaret Jacobs’ ponytail, and then tried to shift the blame to Teresa for telling her to do it.

Season 12 of RHONJ debuts February 1, 2021 on Bravo at 8/7c.

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