90 DAY FIANCÉ Mike learns about Ximena’s hitman boyfriend

Ximena hitman

Ximena tells Mike that her ex was a hitman.

Mike Berk and Ximena Morales got a little closer on Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days when Ximena opened up to him about her secrets.

Mike was hoping to someday have kids with Ximena, so he was gutted to learn that she had a tubal ligation where her tubes were “cut and burned,” so she’s unable to have more children.

After a few emotional days dealing with this information, Mike booked a romantic getaway for him and Ximena in Salento. During their alone time in the gorgeous coffee-growing hills, Mike learned more about Ximena’s dark past.

While soaking in a hot tub, Mike used his translation app to ask Ximena about her sons’ fathers. She replied that she never lived with them, so she never really had much of a relationship with them. She has previously told the cameras that Juan David’s father was a one-night stand. The story of Harold Steven’s father is a lot more dramatic.

Ximena met Harold’s dad on Facebook while he was in prison for hurting someone while defending his uncle. She was able to have sex with him on her visits to the prison and initially got pregnant.

Ximena goes on to say that in the past she had dated aggressive men, but she’s distanced herself from those types of people. Mike asked her to clarify more about these people she no longer associates with.

This is when Ximena reveals she used to live with a hitman. Mike found the news shocking and asked her again to make sure. Then, Ximena drops the bomb that her ex ordered to have her killed.

In confessional Ximena says when she met her ex she thought he was just a tattoo artist. She only found out he was a hitman after she started living with him. When she found out, she broke up with him, and he responded with a death threat. She says he wrote her a message that read, “You have 3 days to enjoy because I am going to kill you.”

Ximena says she sent the threat to the police, and she hasn’t heard from the hitman since. This happened two years ago, and Ximena doesn’t seem too worried about him coming back to threaten her life, but Mike is concerned about everyone’s safety after learning about this.

“That makes me scared for not only me,” Mike says. “But for you and the children.” Ximena assures him that she hasn’t heard from the hitman in two years, but Mike is still wary about potential trouble from Ximena’s past.

Mike has seemed to have made peace with not having children with Ximena, especially after she explained to him why she made the choice to get sterilized. She said she was scared and suffered a lot of pain having her kids and didn’t think she would ever find a reliable partner to raise them. She said men had disappointed her in the past and she had no idea she would meet Mike.

In confessional Ximena said she was glad that she had the operation because she might have ended up with a lot more children than the two she has. Since her surgery, she has been with men she feels she shouldn’t have been with and is relieved that she didn’t have children with them. One of the men was the hitman who threatened to kill her.

Mike says that he loves her two sons Juan and Harold “as his own.” The two boys had never had a stable father figure in their lives until Mike. He said that he didn’t want to hurt them, and offered to raise them with Ximena. Still, Mike is finding it hard to process the idea that he might never have his own biological children.

He also felt though, that he had lost some trust in Ximena because she had withheld this information from him.

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