MAFS All the times Johnny has been mean to Bao

While Gil and Myrla have grown from butting heads to developing a real romance, other couples have had a rockier road during their two-month marriage on Married at First Sight. Ryan has completely shut off from getting close to Brett, and just expects her to pick up on his vibes instead of being open with her. Jose got his feelings hurt and locked Rachel out of their shared apartment and then stonewalled her the next day. Zach and Michaela had a bad fight early on where Michaela left in the middle of the night, but they seem to be doing better now.

This is all varying degrees of toxic behavior, but the worst may be Johnny’s behavior towards Bao. His anger, meanness, and shifting moods have been too much. It’s clear that he doesn’t like Bao, but there’s no need for him to treat her the way he does. Ryan doesn’t seem to like Brett as a spouse, and has criticized her behind her back, but he has never been outwardly mean to her the way Johnny has been towards Bao.

What’s extra sad about this situation is that Johnny and Bao previously knew each other as acquaintances and Bao has even harbored a crush on Johnny for years.

The first red flag was on the honeymoon when Bao found her old text to Johnny where he had ghosted her after she asked him to go to a museum with her. Johnny no longer had her texts on his phone and didn’t seem to remember ghosting her.

Later, Johnny got upset when Bao wouldn’t get intimate with him early on. He teased her about her snoring, even after she revealed that this was a point of extreme insecurity for her. He was also upset to learn that Bao doesn’t shower multiple times a day like he does. Sometimes, Bao doesn’t shower every day.

Once they got back to their shared apartment in Houston, Johnny didn’t stay the night because of an argument that happened outside. Bao had gotten really excited when she saw the building, which was a turn-off for Johnny because he considers her “too childish” when she’s excited. He told her that, and she got upset, so he left.

Later, he spoke more about how he can’t stand the way Bao expresses excitement. Bao revealed that this made her feel like he was “disgusted” by her joy, which must be a horrible feeling.

When they were filmed sharing a meal together, Bao threw her hands up in excitement over something, and Johnny looked visibly disgusted with her as he touched her fingertips.

He got angry at a group dinner with the rest of the cast when Bao claimed that she was meal-prepping and cooking gourmet meals. His face turned red and his furiously ripped up rose petals that were on the table. Outside, in an interview with the camera, Johnny said that Bao was lying about cooking and that she was a different person to different people in a bid to be liked.

Johnny got angry with Bao over a homecooked meal she made for them because he claimed he was doing all the work in the relationship, but she wasn’t doing enough. He claimed her 100% was his 150%. After this fight, Johnny’s meager attempts to be respectful and cordial with Bao have evaporated. He’s gone from being confusing to being outright vindictive.

Bao was supposed to attend a family barbecue with Johnny, but he asked her not to go.

During a video counseling session, Johnny said didn’t want her to go to the family barbecue because they then would get more attached and he doesn’t even like her.

When Pastor Cal asked Johnny if there was anyone else in his life that was dividing his attention, Johnny said there was no one else, but he made the statement that he would have liked to be matched with any of the other women on the show. Pastor Cal told Johnny that he was being “mean,” and Bao added that Johnny says
a lot of mean things to her.

In a preview for next episodes, Johnny tells Bao “for fifteen years we could have dated. I wasn’t attracted to you.”

With a husband, like this, who needs enemies? Hopefully after this brief marriage of constant rejection, Bao can find someone to love her for who she is.

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