SISTER WIVES Cliffhanger: Did Janelle and Savannah get COVID?

Season 16 of Sister Wives ended with the muddled dissolution of Kody and Christine’s 25-year marriage. We were left with Christine declaring that the end of their spiritual marriage was between “her and God,” while Kody is grappling with feelings of relief after finding all of his things packed up in the garage. Something else, however, was left hanging for the viewers. Janelle revealed that her sons Garrison and Gabriel had tested positive for COVID after not feeling well. She and her daughter Savannah were waiting on test results, but the audience got no more updates from Janelle.

Janelle did report having a cough, but otherwise said she didn’t feel sick. We don’t know if she and Savannah ended up coming down with COVID, or how they were distancing themselves from the boys. Janelle did have an apartment in the back of her rental property at the time, so the boys could potentially quarantine there. It’s a one-room apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, but there is only one bed.

We do know that Kody developed COVID at some point last year, but how and when has not been revealed on the show. Meri, Robyn, and Paedon have all confirmed that the family has been filming for a new season, so we will probably get the answers to these questions soon.

There was also a COVID scare with Kody and Robyn’s nanny around the time that all of the family in Flagstaff had gathered for Ariella’s fifth birthday party. A few days after everyone gathered, the nanny and her husband got a positive COVID test. All of the Browns tested, but none of them came up positive for COVID until a few weeks later when Garrison and Gabriel got sick.

We also know that in the summer of 2021 Janelle chose to move out to the Coyote Pass property in an RV with her daughter Savannah. Sons Gabe and Garrison did not accompany her in this move, and Garrison has finally bought the house he’s been saving up for.

As of the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Kody and Robyn’s strict COVID protocols seem to have gone out the window as the couple have been spotted in places like Scottsdale and Sedona shopping and dining without masks.

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