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VIDEO PHOTOS Missy and Jase’s daughter Mia undergoes 5th surgery for cleft palate on Duck Dynasty season finale

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson Daughter Surgery Mia

Duck Dynasty‘s Mia Robertson is only 11 years old but she has already had five facial surgeries, with the most recent one (from January, 2014) to be featured on tonight’s Season 5 finale. See how Mia is doing, now, and how her story is helping other children born with cleft lip and palate issues.

VIDEOS Mercer’s Nae Nae dancer Kevin Canevari dancing before the fame

Kevin Canivare Mercer Bears Basketball Nae Nae Dance

Nothing says March Madness like a HUGE upset, and this year’s biggest Cinderella story is Mercer University after the 14-seed knocked off perennial NCAA powerhouse (and number 3 seed) Duke in the round of 64 on Friday. And if there is one image of Mercer that has made its way into pop culture, it’s the victory “Nae Nae” dance performed from inside the team huddle right after the game. So who was that dancing man? His name is Kevin Canevari and he was famous for getting footloose well before he was overtaken by March Madness! Keep reading for info on Kevin and videos of him gettin’ jiggy with it from earlier in the year.

Who was the real Artemisia? How accurate is Frank Miller’s 300 Rise of an Empire?

Frank Miller’s 300 Rise of an Empire pits the Athenian general Themistocles against Artemisia, the great (but evil) Persian woman behind the great king of Persia, Xerxes. Themistocles is a well known historical figure, so we know he was real, but how about Artemisia? Did Frank Miller make her up, or was she a real person, too?

VIDEOS PHOTOS Johnny Depp plays guitar for Willie Nelson at Rodeo Austin during SXSW

You never know who you are going to see at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, but the audience at Willie Nelson’s show was still surprised to see that the guitar player Willie introduced simply as “John” was actually Hollywood mega-star Johnny Depp. It doesn’t get any hipper, and it doesn’t get any weirder… Good ol’ Austin!

How many people have watched House of Cards Season 2?

When Netflix released the entire first season of their original series House of Cards all at one time, it was a huge novelty and a huge hit. The streaming video company has since continued the practice with other series (Orange Is the New Black, Arrested Development, Hemlock Grove) and on Valentine’s Day of this year they made the full second season of House of Cards available resulting in an epidemic of HOC binge-watching. So how popular is the show versus similar network and cable series like Mad Men or True Detective? The answer to that question is difficult because Netflix does not allow third-party monitoring of their downloads.

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe responds to critics of his Walmart ad

Mike Rowe provided the voice over for a new Walmart ad announcing that the retail giant will be investing $250 billion in creating new US manufacturing jobs, which troubled some pro-worker, anti-Walmart activists who have been pressuring Rowe to get more involved in the ongoing dispute. Rowe finally caved in (sort of) by posting a lengthy response on Facebook describing what it is like to be labeled as pro-Walmart and explaining why he is not, was not, and never will be interested in getting in the middle of their issues.