Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson Wedding photo

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Korie Robertson wedding photo and anniversary picture

Willie and Korie Robertson started dating in High School, and we’ve posted some great photos of them back in the day when Willie had a lot less hair and Korie had a lot more!

But, it took the occasion of their 21st Wedding anniversary for Korie to post to twitter this adorable side-by-side collage of a wedding photo next to a current shot. She captioned it: “I love this man. Loved him then, love him now.” So sweet!

How did Willie commemorate the January 11th anniversary?  What fabulous billionaire present did he lavish on Korie?  Well, according to what he tweeted, he went all out.

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Twitter Korie Wedding Anniversary

That’s right. You guessed it! Korie got her own personal stash of “As Seen on TV” products.

Don’t tease us, Robertsons! Is Korie rocking “Hot Buns?” Did she whip up duck stew with her “Robo stir?” Is she headed to the next meet and great in her new “Pajama Jeans?”

Oh Willie, you shouldn’t have. You really shouldn’t have.

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