Did Joey Lawrence get plastic surgery?

Joey Lawrence is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. At 5 years old, he had already sung a solo on the Tonight Show, and by the time he turned 8 he was starring in a successful sit com. Since Joey’s been in the world of celebrities all his life, that means he’s been in the world of plastic surgery all his life, too. But, has he decided now, at age 37, to get a little work, himself? Looks that way to me. You can judge for yourself.

Here’s an older photo of Joey:

Plastic Surgery Joey Lawrence Splash

And, here’s a shot of him released in March of 2013 to promote the gameshow Splash that he co-hosts with Charissa Thompson.

Plastic Surgery Joey Lawrence Splash

I’m no expert, but it looks to me like Joey’s done more than lose a little weight and stay out of the sun. His eyes, in particular, appear to be slightly altered, as does his mouth. And, doesn’t that nose seem just a tad more aquiline?

What do you think?

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