Jack Hoffman

VIDEO Discovery announces Gold Rush Season 5 premiere date, cast shuffle

Discovery found the ratings g|ory hole with their mining series Gold Rush, and the network has just officially announced when its number one show will be returning for a fifth season, as well as details about which miners will be back and where! Plus, watch the extended Season 5 preview trailer!

Is Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman a prepper? Recommends stockpiling food in case things ‘get weird’

Todd Hoffman isn’t focused right now on getting gold out of the ground, instead he is issuing advice about how to put food into a bunker . . . .in case things get weird. Read on to see what gold mining and storing non-perishable foods have to do with each other, and how he turned his advice into a pep talk for those who lack the self-confidence to be outspoken.

Gold Rush: What Happened to Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey Gold Rush Todd Hoffman Jack Hoffman Greg Remsburg Ghost Mine

It seems like ages ago that Jimmy Dorsey rumbled with Greg Remsburg and then left the Hoffman crew at Porcupine Creek for good. Heck, it seems like ages since the Hoffmans were at Porcupine Creek at all. Read on to see what in the world Jimmy Dorsey is up to these days. Hint: it involves gold mining and reality tv!

VIDEO Gold Rush Season 3 trailer

The first trailer for Gold Rush 3 is out, and although it doesn’t show us much about the new season, it raises a lot of interesting questions about what’s coming. The Hoffmans are back, of course, and so is Parker Schnabel. It is a little more surprising to see that Dakota Fred Hurt is in the cast again. And, since we’re told that someone will strike it rich this season, I can’t help wondering if Fred finally finds glory at the bottom of Jack’s, now famous, hole in Porcupine Creek.

VIDEOS The Hoffmans from Gold Rush Alaska in Guyana, South America to mine for gold

The Hoffman crew of Discovery Channel’s popular reality series Gold Rush Alaska have spent the last two summer seasons mining for gold in the frigid climates of Alaska and the Yukon of Canada. But, as anyone who watches the show knows, as soon as the snow starts to fall, it’s time to shut down for the winter. So what does Todd Hoffman do? He heads down to check out a claim in Guyana, South America!

Is Gold Rush Alaska’s Jack Hoffman a slum lord?

Before Gold Rush Alaska‘s Jack Hoffman started mining for glory in the hole in Porcupine Creek, he and his wife Georgia Hoffman (mis)managed a different kind of hole in Portland Oregon, The All States Motel, and the details aren’t pretty. Read on to learn about the numerous code violations and dilapidated living conditions of this Hoffman property (reportedly just one of many in their possession at the time), and find out about Jack’s current tax problems involving the Sandy River Airport.

Photos of Gold Rush’s Jack Hoffman and wife Georgia Hoffman from back in the day

Fans of Discovery Channel’s treasure-seeking reality series Gold Rush Alaska are all too familiar with the grizzled, hard-working, and eternally optimistic crew patriarch Jack Hoffman, whose failed attempt at gold mining 25 years previous inspired his son to try again. But back before he was a white bearded heavy machinery wizard with a propensity for homoerotic innuendo (gl0ry hole any one?), Jack Hoffman was a recently enlisted, clean-cut 18-year-old military man with a beautiful young wife, Georgia Hoffman. Keep reading to see the pictures of this handsome young dude just before he headed off to Vietnam and way before he would become a huge reality star! This is hot stuff!