PHOTO Willie Robertson’s camouflage BMW convertible

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson's camouflage BMW Z4 Roadster convertible

The opening sequence of Duck Dynasty shows Willie Robertson and family stepping out of a Rolls Royce with a duck hood ornament. Classy. The show regularly shows the Robertson men driving around in pick up trucks. Country.

Now, though, it seems that Willie has found a ride that suits both his classy and his country side. Check out the custom camo paint job on this Beemer! The photo was shared by Willie’s wife Korie Robertson on instagram along with the succinct caption, “Only @williebosshog 🙂 #BMW #DuckDynasty.” I’m guessing Sadie’s not going to get a driving lesson in this vehicle. I’m also not sure we’ll ever see Korie in it!

Unless Willie has a collection of BMW Z4 Roadsters (which is quite possible!), this looks to be the same car Willie and Si posed in for a Twitter photo back in May, 2012:

Willie RObertson and Si Robertson take a ride in a BMW convertible

The photo was accompanied by the caption, “Si said we’re cruisin now we need to “tweep” this, ha #duckdynasty” Perfect. And I also like that the BMW logo on the side of the car is accompanied by “3.0” and then Si’s name. The Duck Dynasty dudes are all about the details!

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