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SWAMP PEOPLE Chase Landry arrested for shooting at boat that wouldn’t slow down

The son of Swamp People patriarch Troy Landry may have taken his pop's famous "Choot 'em!" slogan a bit too far! Chase Landry, who is also one of the show's stars, was arrested over the weekend after firing a gun at a shrimp boat while alligator hunting. Chase admitted to police that he shot at the shrimper because they refused to slow down "and would have sunk their boat."

SWAMP PEOPLE How much money does an Alligator Hunter make?

As the Swamp People narrator often reminds us, many of the cast members make half their income for the year from the alligator we see them catch on the show. We hear about tags and maps and the quality of an alligator’s skin, as well as the all important question of its size. But how much are these guys really making? What kind of money are we talking about?