The Women of Duck Dynasty: Meet the Robertson Wives

Duck Dynasty Robertson family wives

If you tune into A&E’s hugely popular reality series Duck Dynasty you will see a bunch of Southern fried (and seemingly crazy) bearded men somehow managing to be civilized enough to run a multi-million dollar empire. That’s the power of the Roberston women, and it is not to be trifled with.

It’s all fun and games in the Duck Call room, even if Willie installs a surveillance camera; but that comes to a screeching halt if Korie shows up and puts her foot down!

Jase might burn leaves in his suburban driveway, but he will attend a neighborhood meeting to discuss it, if Missy tells him he should.

And just look at how Ms. Kay’s household runs. If she wants to pick a couch based on whether or not her dog likes it, then that’s the way Phil makes it happen.

See all those crazy men sitting around a table acting (sort of) civilized? That’s the power of the Roberston women, and it is not to be trifled with.

Miss Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's wife and the boys' mother

So who are these Louisiamazons who wield this mighty power? Well, the first and foremost Robertson woman is matriarch Miss Kay Robertson (above), wife to patriarch Phil Robertson. Her bio on the Discovery Channel tells us this:

Kay is the revered matriarch of the family. What she says goes. She was 16 when she married Phil and since then she’s been keeping him and the boys from spending too much time in the woods, bringing them back to civilization each night with a home cooked meal. Kay believes her cooking talents are a gift which she must share, so she often ends up feeding all of the family and most of the neighborhood. Her most famous dishes are banana pudding, fried deer steak, crawfish pie, and sticky frog legs. Kay’s favorite family member is Jesse, the family dog. But here’s the secret, every time he dies, Kay quickly gets a new puppy that looks just like the one that passed and even gives it the same name. As Kay puts it, “this way, you never have to grieve.”

Miss Kay and Phil have four children together, all boys: Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jeptha. (And if you want to see all four of them without beards, click here!)

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson's wife Korie Robertson

Willie’s wife, Korie Robertson, also has a prominent role on Duck Dynasty, and plenty of power of her own. Unlike Kay, Korie’s not known for her skills in the kitchen. In fact Phil and Kay are quick to add a pinch of sarcasm and a dash of cruelty when they talk about Korie’s cooking. But she has other nongastronomical ways of keeping Willie and the kids doing right! Discovery introduces us to her this way:

Though not originally from a hunting family, Korie fit in with the Robertsons right away. As Willie’s wife and business partner, she helped him grow the company into an ever-expanding enterprise. She serves as the Duck Commander office manager and has to make her presence known in order to keep the workshop from turning into a funhouse. She met Willie in third grade when he asked her to go on a moonlit hike at summer camp. They got married a year after high school and now have five children: John Luke, Sadie, Lil’ Will, Bella, and a foster daughter named Rebecca.

Korie and Willie have four kids: John Luke, Sadie, Will, and Bella. She says she married the handsome Robertson . . . and then he grew a beard. Click here to see what she means.

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson's wife Missy Robertson

Jase Robertson has emerged on Duck Dynasty as Loki to Willie’s Thor. He seems to have no interest in work or in conventional success. Seeing a Frog can throw him completely off track, and he has no appreciation for neighborhood rules. So, who is the woman behind this entertaining and exasperating man? That would be Missy Roberston. Neither the Duck Commander website nor the A&E page for the show have a profile for Missy, but she is beginning to come out into the public eye a bit more.

Mother to Reed, Cole, and Mia, and a regular contributor to her Twitter account, Missy Robertson appears to be the stabilizing force she would have to be to keep Jase in line. She is always posting about the kids’ sporting events, concerts, and church activities, and she seems to have no trouble laughing at Jase’s redneck silliness. It may seem to her sometimes like she’s raising four children instead of three, but she’s got that wing of the family flying straight!

Duck Dynasty Jeptha Robertson's wife Jessica Robertson

Jeptha Robertson, Phil and Kay’s youngest son, has been making more appearances on the show this season, but we haven’t yet met his wife, Jessica. Like Missy, Jessica Robertson isn’t shy on Twitter! She’s a busy mother of four kids (Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River), and very much involved in their lives. She also seems to enjoy a little modeling. Check out this shot of Jessica modeling a hairpiece with Jep at her side. The caption on Twitter reads “Photographer asked me to model this hair piece in a pic a few yrs ago, Jep & I never had a real wedding so I was pumped.”

Jessica Robertson Jeptha Robertson Wife Wives Women Duck Dynasty model

Sadly, I have to end this post with an admission of failure. The Robertson wife that I am by far most curious about is Si’s better half, Christine Robertson. Christine doesn’t seem to have much of a web presence, though. At least I had trouble tracking her down. So, all I can say for today is that Si is indeed married, and has been for many years. But, my promise to you, Starcasm readers, is that I will do all I can to learn more about this woman who must be very, very special. And, what I learn, I’ll post here for you.

Here’s to the Robertson women! Those boys don’t make it easy for you, we know. Stay strong, and keep keepin’ them boys in line!

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