DUCK DYNASTY Korie and Willie Robertson wedding photo with the whole Robertson family

Korie and Willie Robertson wedding photo with the Robertson family

Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson family likes to stick together. Whether it is vacationing in Hawaii or piling in an suv to drive to the Superbowl, this family knows how to stay close. And, by all accounts they’ve been practicing this family togetherness for a very long time.

So, it isn’t surprising at all to see that the whole Robertson clan came together January 11, 1992 when Korie and Willie tied the knot. Here’s the proof, though, in the form of one big, fat, redneck wedding photo!

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Duck Dynasty Willie and Korie Robertson wedding photo with the Robertson family labeled

That’s eldest brother Alan and his wife Lisa on the left.  Next is beardless Jase and his wife Missy.  Then there’s the happy couple themselves, Korie and Willie.  Next is Miss Kay and Phil.  Look at Phil’s black beard!!  I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and say that of all the brothers, Jep looks most like his Dad.  put a little weight on Phil in this photo and Jep would look just like him.  I’m not sure who the folks are on the far right, but they must either be Phil or Kay’s parents, Willie’s grandparents.

And Jep?  Where’s the youngest Robertson brother?  Right in front of Willie.  No wonder Miss Kay is partial to her baby boy.  What a cutie!  I’m not sure who the two flower girls are.  If you know, be sure to tell us in the comments below!

For a close up of Willie and Korie on their wedding day and a side by side comparison to a current photo, CLICK HERE.

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