Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson does yoga (video and photos)

Duck Dynasty Yoga Willie Robertson Korie

Duck Dynasty will be back on the air in the air soon (but not soon enough!), so A&E has started releasing a few promotional tidbits. A video was posted on the Duck Dynasty Facebook Page recently that included Willie following Korie to Yoga to try to lose a little weight. Sadly for Willie, Phil followed them to the Yoga studio, too, to have a look at what has become of his boy.

Here are some still photos of Willie’s attempt at Yoga and, below, the full video they were taken from.

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Yoga

It looks like Willie gave Downward Facing Duck Dog a serious try, but Happy Baby was waaay too far out of his comfort zone.

Duck Dynasty Yoga Willie Robertson Korie Robertson

Of course, Willie’s awkward Happy Baby attempt was absolutely the worst moment for Phil to walk in on. Yes, those are camoflage tights. Yes, Willie is on his back with his legs spread out in the air holding onto his ankles. No, this isn’t a bad dream, Phil. Sorry. Your son lives in the suburbs and does yoga. That’s just the way it is, I’m afraid.

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Willie Robertson Yoga

Speaking of nightmares, it looks like Phil isn’t the only one who saw Willie doing something he wished he could un-see. Maybe he’ll think twice about knocking next time, now that he knows Willie has a shake-weight, and he isn’t ashamed to use it.

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson Willie Robertson Shake Weight

Oh, Willie. What producer talked you into this? Stop listening to him! (Actually don’t! If you’re not Willie or his male relatives, this is hilarious stuff!)

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson shake weight animated gif

An animated gif of Willie Robertson playing with a shake weight? Willie, I hope you keep on finding success in your faith and family and business, because by the time Duck Dynasty has run its course, there are going to be more photos of you on the internet doing embarrassing things than there are memes of Angry Cat. It is a good thing that you’ve got a great sense of humor because you’re absolutely right–you’re never, ever going to live this down.

Duck Dynast Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty returns to A&E February 27th at 9/8 Central.

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