PHOTO Is Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson a vampire, or does he have a 19th century Scottish doppelgänger?

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Vampire Doppelgänger Scotland Scottish Museum

Apparently, some friends of Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson family were innocently seeking a little culture in a museum in Scotland when they ran into this disturbing painting. So, they managed somehow to get a framed print of it and sent it to Korie and Willie Robertson.

What could this mean? Is Willie a vampire, or did he just have a doppelgänger in nineteenth century Scotland? Do they even duck hunt in Scotland? Maybe they don’t, and that’s why old Scottish Willie looks so down in the mouth. Actually, he looks a little disgusted, doesn’t he? Maybe he’s thinking about 19th century vampire/doppelganger Jase not doing any work.

EXCLUSIVE! It appears Willie has hired Spanish restoration artist Cecilia Giménez to do a little “touch up” work on the painting! You know, the same woman who made headlines in August after restoring the fresco of Jesus hanging in a Roman Catholic church in Borja, Spain?

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson doppleganger portrait gets the botched Jesus fresco restoration treatment

***AUTHOR’S NOTE – I wasn’t sure how mashing up a Duck Dynasty photo with an internet meme would go over, but figured I’d give it a shot. For those interested, here is a video clip on the botched Jesus fresco restoration that sparked it all and the fallout afterward:


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