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Swamp People Chase Landry arrested

SWAMP PEOPLE Chase Landry arrested for shooting at boat that wouldn’t slow down

The son of Swamp People patriarch Troy Landry may have taken his pop’s famous “Choot ’em!” slogan a bit too far! Chase Landry, who is also one of the show’s stars, was arrested over the weekend after firing a gun at a shrimp boat while alligator hunting. Chase admitted to police that he shot at the shrimper because they refused to slow down “and would have sunk their boat.”

Why did Swamp People replace the cast? Fans, former cast deal with ongoing fallout

Why was most of the Swamp People cast replaced without warning before Swamp People Season 7 began airing last week? That’s the question many of the show’s fans are asking, in light of Swamp People cast replacements brought about by a new production company that took charge of the show last year. Thanks to recent comments by former and current members of the Swamp People cast, though, we know that at least one of the old guard will be making something of a comeback this season–and that there’s a chance that the whole Swamp People cast could reunite for a Season 8.

Swamp People Season Seven: Is History renewing the show after all?

Swamp People Season Seven is currently scheduled to be the show’s last–but recent social media updates from star Jacob Landry have given fans an unexpected shotgun blast of hope. Is there a chance that the still-popular Swamp People could be renewed after all? To see what Jacob said–and to catch up on the controversy between History and the cast members that the show’s production company fired before Swamp People Season Seven aired–read on!

Fired Swamp People cast vent at History Channel, then they’re asked to remove their comments

After History Channel overhauled the cast for the upcoming seventh season, some of those who were told they are not returning are expressing their anger and frustration online, apparently against the network’s demands! Keep reading for their initial comments, plus their reaction after being asked to delete them.

Swamp People star Bruce Mitchell’s dog Tyler dies at 13

History’s Swamp People reality series is chock full of eccentric characters, including everyone’s favorite long-haired overalls and doo-rag wearing gator hunter, the always mustachiotrulescent Bruce Mitchell. But, behind every charismatic superstar there is almost always a level-headed sidekick, or a “straight man” if you will, and Bruce is no exception. His “straight man” was actually a straight dog in the form of Tyler, Bruce’s Zebra cake loving best friend and gator fishin’ pooch extraordinaire. That’s why it saddened me greatly when I learned today that Tyler passed away this morning.

VIDEOS PHOTOS Swamp People adds Roger Rivers for Season 5 premiering February 3

History’s super-popular reality series Swamp People returns for a fifth season on February 3, and when it does fans will get to meet “fierce Apache hunter Roger Rivers,” as he is described in the press release. Keep reading to get to know Roger prior to the premiere, including videos, photos and a detailed account of a his frightening tale of catching a 12-foot gator in 2011 that resulted in Roger (and his gun) falling headfirst into the water!

Swamp People Thanksgiving special ‘Swampsgiving’ to air Nov 26

Who’s up for a family-sized serving of gaturducken?!? History Channel is inviting us all over for Thanksgiving in the swamp in the form of “Swampsgiving,” a holiday themed episode of Swamp People set to air Tuesday, November 26 at 10/9c. The special will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of the world’s most famous gator hunters during the off-season as it explores the various Thanksgiving traditions celebrated by the cast members and their families. Keep reading for th full press release with all the degatortails!