Duck Dynasty wishes a Hairy Christmas to Soldiers in Afghanistan

Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Afghanistan USO

Duck Dynasty fans know just how passionate the Robertson family is about paying forward their blessings and good fortune, so it is no surprise that Willie and Jep Robertson found a big way to share the love this holiday season by traveling to Afghanistan with the Chairman’s Holiday Tour.

Willie Robertson Jep Robertson USO Afghanistan soldiers performance

What’s the Chairman’s Holiday Tour, who is this “Chairman,” and what is he chairman of? If you’re thinking the boys have decided to try their luck in the Iron Chef kitchen, you’re not on the right track (although I’d LOVE to see them in a venison challenge with Morimoto, but I digress). The Chairman in this case is Army General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Chairman’s Tour is a USO event that sends American celebrities all over the world at Christmas time to entertain the troops.

Check out this video of Gen. Dempsey joining Willie and Jep on stage for a performance of “Hairy Christmas,” a cut from the Robertsons’ Duck the Halls Christmas album.

Never one to keep his light (or in this case flak jacket) under a bushel, Willie’s been tweeting about his visit with the troops. Here’s one of my favorites:

Scroll down for lots of photos from the event. Check out the last one, in particular, which proves Willie can manage to find a boss-hog chair to sit in wherever he goes!  In this case, it is the commanding officers chair on the bridge of the Arliegh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer US Stout (DDG 55) which was in Souda Bay Greece, December 7th, a few days before the tour reached Afghanistan. Willie may have out-Chairmaned the Chairman!

Duck Dynasty USO Christmas Willie Robertson Jep Robertson

Willie Robertson Jep Robertson USO Afghanistan Duck Dynasty

Willie Robertson Jep Robertson Christmas Duck Dynasty Afghanistan Christmas

USO Christmas Afghanistan Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Jep Robertson

Willie Robertson Boss Hog Chair Afghanistan USO Christmas

Special thanks go out to 1LT Brandon Joiner for the photographs and information about the Chairman’s Holiday Tour!

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