VIDEO Duck Dynasty does the Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson Willie Robertson

The Harlem Shake craze came and went just about as fast as a fad can rise and fall. To be honest, I’m not sorry it is on its way out. But, sometimes, you just can’t look away even when you’d really like to. That’s just what happened to me when I ran across Duck Dynasty’s Harlem shake video a few minutes ago. I couldn’t look away, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Willie’s pretty good, as usual, and the puppet is a very nice touch; but, Jase steals the scene. Best Harlem Shake dance ever!

This one, below, comes in a close second, though.

What’s surprising is that the clip includes the funniest Harlem Shake dance ever, but not the funniest Duck Dynasty “shake” clip — that still belongs to Willie:

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson shake weight animated gif

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