Gold Rush Todd Hoffman’s new business: 316 Food for Preppers

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Todd Hoffman may not be a Doomsday Prepper, but he’s at least a friend to those who are. Using his Facebook page once again to share big news, Todd announced that he is starting a new business that will produce tasty foods with a shelf life of 25 years. 25 years!!

316 Foods is coming soon and I’m excited to be part of designing the different mixes. All if them will have a 25 year shelf life. This isn’t a weird thing and its not a Doomsday thing it’s just a logical move to be a bit prepared, nothing freaky. We just designed a chili mix that will be a great one because of the protein value in it. I’m working on this stuff but it takes time to get it right. We will be launching a new website as well. Troy is selling T Shirts still and doing a great job on that.

It might seem odd to go from gold mining to producing freeze-dried food, but it is all of a piece, according to Todd. In a December Facebook post, Todd said that he originally started gold mining because of his perception that the American political system was “broken a bit.”

This is what originally drove me to gold mining with my dad. Seeing these politicians go at it is nothing less than disturbing. By the time a guy gets elected he’s kissed a lot of booty if you know what I mean. He owes people and companies things.

Todd’s logic is that if the government is run by people who owe big companies big favors, then little guys aren’t going to get a fair shake. That’s what he thinks we’re seeing in the recession, especially with the loss of manufacturing and construction jobs. So, since the system is insecure and paper money is tied up in the system, gold would be a more secure resource to own. Let’s go to Alaska!

Now, the connection is clearer, right? If the system is insecure because it is in the hands of people whose commitment isn’t to the public good but instead to some set of private obligations, then who knows what could happen? Going to Alaska (or Canada) to dig gold is all fine and good, but what we really need is a way to be self-sufficient day-to-day in case things fall a part. What we really need is non-perishable foods. And, since this is Todd Hoffman, after all, we need really tasty, high protein, non-perishable foods! He didn’t say so on Facebook, but I’m guessing 316 foods isn’t skimping on portion size either!

What do you think? Is Todd onto something, or is he going off the deep end?

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