Is Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman a prepper? Recommends stockpiling food in case things ‘get weird’

Todd Hoffman as Mad Max after revealing he is a Doomsday prepper

Todd Hoffman issued a statement last week on Facebook recommending that Americans put away non-perishable food. Saying there is “nothing freaky about preparing for whatever,” Todd tells us that his motivation for stockpiling freeze dried foods was the same one that drove him into gold mining with his father.

Speaking of the United States, he says “we owe a lot of money and if something happens things could get weird. I know its hard to think about and its harder to talk about.” But, Todd says, he doesn’t mind that folks are likely to “sound off” when they read what he has to say.

In fact, his post shifts halfway through from advice about what kinds of food to stock up on (wheat and freeze dried foods that taste good) to a pep talk about not being deterred by fears that what you want to say or do will appear weird to other people. Todd says that he has to quiet the little voice inside his head that tells him he’s “not good enough to go in front of millions of people.” He says that those who read his statement should examine themselves and find their purpose.

What do you think? Is Todd giving good advice to working class Americans, or should he perhaps listen a bit more to that little voice now and then?”

Keep reading below for the full text of Todd’s statement.

This week Im going to put some more food in storage. Its just logical, nothing freaky about preparing for whatever. This is what originally drove me to gold mining with my dad. Seeing these politicians go at it is nothing less than disturbing. By the time a guy gets elected he’s kissed a lot of booty if you know what I mean. He owes people and companies things. The system is broken a bit. This doesn’t mean its not fixable, we truly have lived in a free society for hundreds of years but things need to get fixed quick. We owe a lot of money and if something happens things could get weird. I know its hard to think about and its harder to talk about. Im sure as soon as I click this button to post this a few will sound off. Its ok and don’t worry about what people say. People told me that starting Gold Rush was a bad idea. Im no TV executive but I know what guys are feeling and I know what a hurting person wants to see and can relate. I have have plenty and at times have had nothing. I swing financially both ways because Im a risk taker and can’t stop. I have lost 10 million dollar deals and hit other deals ok. You take shots when your like me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I identify with our founding fathers more than the guys I see in washington. They are not like me. I own and have developed my airport for a long time. My dad is a sweet pilot, Im not much of a pilot because I have focussed on other things and when the recession hit I was unloading everything. Things come and things go. In preparing just use your logic and start a little here and a little there. I have put up wheat before. I have some other things. Right now Im acquiring freeze dried foods that taste good. Im one of the few guys in the public eye that will talk about these things. I have a different outlook. I have thousands of families that benefit from the things I say as encouragement or from information. I know a lot of people think Im a bad miner, but Im not. I can run an excavator pretty good but its just a tool for me not that its been my life long dream. I develop concepts through events and people and tools. At any one time I will be working on different things. I can’t sleep very good and my mind doesn’t shut off much. Guys like me need solid teams around them or they don’t get very far. That is why I have the guys around me that I do. Don’t listen to people who try to tell you that your not good enough or that your weird. We are all different. I always try to visit my old grade school. I sing some pictures. Basically the whole school gets free lunch, pretty poor neighborhood. We were poor growing up in the Carter years, but no one one any different. I will take the time and also speak at events of churches. I want to be poured out for something good. I can screw up something good as quick as the next guy but I don’t fear much anymore. I will go on any stage or any live radio or interview. I do not care it does not shake me like it used to. I am what I am. Im not ashamed to be a Christian either. People want a strong family and want a strong country. A lot of that comes from a strong faith in something greater than ourselves. If your reading this examine yourself and find your purpose. You can do it, you were created in the image of God regardless of what we believe about ourselves. I try to fight the little voice inside thats telling me that Im not good enough to go in front of millions of people. I focus on the promise that He who began the good work in me……… We are loved.


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