VIDEO Is Lyrica Anderson pregnant? Former LHHH co-star Zell Swag may have just spilled her tea

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Thanks to some highly questionable acting from Safaree and Ray J in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s latest episode, we’re still not 100% sure that Lyrica and Safaree actually did smash. But put that question on hold, because there’s new gossip surrounding the biggest storyline on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season: Is Lyrica Anderson pregnant? Rumors about she and A1’s alleged pregnancy have been flying for weeks, but former LHHH cast member Zell Swag may have put them to rest by accidentally confirming Lyrica’s pregnancy during a dance party Q&A with fans days ago.

LHHH Season 4 cast member Zell Swag may have gotten too free with his words

Fan site appears to have been the first to report on Zell’s apparent misstep. (The actual Instagram Live video below was assembled by YouTube channel Living Fearless.) The setting for the clip appears to be Zell’s house, where he’s joined by Teairra Mari and Lyrica herself. The video packs a hell of a lot of gossip into just 1:48 — here it is, followed by our rundown:

In the montage’s first clip, Zell jokingly says “No Cardi B twerks, we don’t need no Cardi B pregnant twerks.” Lyrica then shouts “I ain’t pregnant!”

The second clip features Zell reads a series of questions from IG followers — one of which is “Is Lyrica Anderson pregnant?” “Lyrica pregnant,” Zell says, and continues, “she wanted — ” before Lyrica, off-camera, says “Zell,” rather sharply. Zell turns to her and says “I said ‘No.'” Which is technically true, but if you listen to the cadence of Zell’s voice in time with the questions scrolling across the screen, it definitely sounds like he’s saying “No” in response to the previous question, before saying “Lyrica pregnant” in response to the next one.

And in a third clip, Zell reads another question: “‘Who is Lyrica’s baby daddy?’ I’m the baby daddy,” he says, in a faux-growl. LHHH co-star Teairra Mari, sitting with Zell, says, “Lyrica’s baby daddy is her f*cking husband. What the f*ck are you talkin’ about?” And then, after a pause that YouTube tells me lasted two seconds but I swear felt long enough to build a suspension bridge over, Zell adds, “She’s not pregnant, though.”

(After that, Lyrica also says she didn’t sleep with Safaree, and that K. Michelle “tried taking [her] home.” So, plenty of good tea for another day.)

But is Lyrica Anderson pregnant, or is this just another alleged fake storyline?

Since the video went up on August 4th, talk of Lyrica’s alleged pregnancy has picked up across social media and on blogs. MTO has even gone so far as to say that Lyrica is three months along — and got pregnant while she and A1 “were ‘on break last spring.” Meaning Safaree, if he did sleep with Lyrica, could be the alleged baby’s alleged father.

No one seems to be 100% sure about the exact length of time Lyrica and A1 were apart, or exactly when the two split, *or* when they got back together. And if you’re a true Love & Hip Hop cynic, you probably believe that the whole rumor is a complete fabrication. All we can say for sure is that we reported on gossip that the two had separated back in March, when it was rumored that A1 had cheated on Lyrica at a hotel suite orgy following the LHHH Season 4 reunion taping.

We can also point out that Lyrica has been holding back on Instagram lately, sharing far fewer waist-up or full-body pics of herself than she used to, and regramming clearly older shots of herself when she does share them. It’s something that LHHATL star Jessica Dime did for several months before her pregnancy reveal during Season 7 earlier this year. (Kylie did it too.)

The most recent photos of Lyrica and A1 in public we could find in our photo subscription were these two, taken outside a Hollywood nightclub on June 11. Consider Lyrica’s nascent baby bump as you will:

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Lyrica is on record saying she wants a baby

We should also point out that during the run-up to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5, Lyrica gave at least one interview in which she claimed she was ready to have a baby with A1. In a conversation with the LA Sentinel published four weeks before the season premiere, Lyrica addressed her split with A1, but seemed to suggest that their troubles were way behind them:

“On the downside in your relationship if you have an argument or disagreement on camera sometimes it sucks when you go home and you’re still kind of mad about it,” Lyrica said, mentioning the drama yet to come without getting specific. It can get kind of crazy….[A1 and I] went through a little separation where I was running around saying I was single. We’re working things out.”

The article then says Lyrica “was reassured that children are in the cards.” The wording seemed to suggest that someone — presumably A1 — had promised Lyrica a baby.

“It might be sooner than you think,” Lyrica added.

Beyond all that, we can only add that Lyrica and A1 already eloped in secret two years ago. And they did that for the benefit of the show, too. So there’s certainly a precedent in their relationship for making major decisions off-screen, then keeping the result on the DL until the cameras start rolling again.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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