PHOTOS LHHH Lyrica Anderson confirms her storyline with Safaree was fake in attack on Moniece Slaughter & Marcus

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We’ve suspected it all season long (and we were hardly the only ones). But now we have confirmation of the Lyrica and Safaree fake storyline from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 — and it comes from none other than Lyrica herself! The mom-to-be spilled her tea, along with the rest of the cast’s, in a social media tirade that began as a response to some of her castmates’ unkind words in an official LHHH reaction video.

In case you’ve lost track of all the misdirection VH1 has thrown at viewers this season, recall that Lyrica and A1 revealed that A1 is the father of Lyrica’s baby over two months ago. But, at the time, LHHH was still trying to convince its audience that Lyrica had slept with both Safaree and Roccstar during she and A1’s break earlier this year.

So even though the identity of Lyrica’s baby daddy (the important part of the storyline) has been out in the open for weeks, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has still been drumming up plenty of drama over whether Lyrica slept with anyone else. And things came to a head earlier this week, when Moniece Slaughter — in an official, VH1-produced video! — had this to say about Lyrica and Safaree fake:

I don’t know what went down. These are manufactured people so who’s to say anything about their lives is real? I’m more authentic so it’s really hard to tell. People aren’t walking around with their real faces, real bodies, real teeth, real hair, real nails, real butts and things of that nature…I am afraid to see what that baby’s going to look like.

Naturally, those fighting words did not sit well with Lyrica. In a pair of long Instagram comments, she let loose on Moniece, as well as Marcus and Solo Lucci, who also appeared in the video. First up was Lyrica’s response to Moniece, which we’ve transcribed below the embed. As always, a hat tip to The Shade Room for getting the screengrab:

@moniece_slaughter you sound like a dumb ass jealous miserable bitch that you are! And that’s why I didn’t respond to your fake ass message the other day “talk n bout you balled and all this sh!t ” Bitch my cheeks n bish is real how you calling the kettle black hoe and you got fake boobs and a wig on Chile please ! You just mad cause you ASKED ME TO DO a joint Ep wit strangled singing Ass and politely declined!!! You bi polar bitch scary ass always got something to say when IM NOT IN YOUR FACE !!! Kiss my ass you miserable boney can’t keep a man or women lonely no body wit titty done ass!!!! Now I was being nice don’t push me ! Moniece the type play victim in your face talk sh!t on the camera behind your back ! You the fakest bitch a live !!!

Then, if you swipe through, you’ll see Lyrica’s response to Marcus and Solo Lucci, in which she confirmed the Lyrica and Safaree fake gossip. According to Lyrica, the whole season-long storyline was supposed to be a quick flirtation. (Though she doesn’t say so, it seems possible that producers decided to draw out the drama when Safaree’s nudes went viral.)

Here’s the rest of Lyrica’s clapback:

And @mvrcusbvlck you come up in my baby shower after saying after all this fake ass sh!t and you of ALL ppl know better ! I swear to god !!! Y’all are pressed and lucci A1 got you on the show you Def fake af and know better !!!!! Y’all can suck my dick with these lies !!!!! Safaree said it ain’t true and to be frank I should’ve never agreed to this fake ass storyline which was supposed to be “he flirted ” and cleared up the next episode and it got sooo juicy n!ggas didn’t wanna clear it up and that’s when I got pissed !!!!! Y’all some bitch ass n!ggas to carry this on and worried about tf I “wasn’t” doing ! You can all suck my DICK! Period .

The second part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 reunion airs this Monday at 8 PM on VH1. But it sounds like this fight will continue on social media well into 2019.

(Photo credits: Lyrica and Safaree fake via Instagram, The Breakfast Club)

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