Lyrica Anderson says she’s ‘done’ with LHHH, but may have weakened her position

Is Lyrica on LHHH

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s newest baby mama has been feuding with the show’s producers for weeks, ever since gossip about her mystery pregnancy began circulating. Lately, though, Lyrica’s begun openly criticizing the show’s editorial choices, and threatening to take her talents elsewhere. So, is Lyrica on LHHH still, or has she pulled a Masika and managed to quit mid-season?

According to Lyrica herself, she’s “done” with the show…but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you might think. The 29-year-old recently took to Instagram live to throw fire at Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s producers for what she called the “disrespect[ful]” act of not showing how things “really [go] down” during filming.

Of course, reality stars have complained about being taken out of context since forever. But this is Lyrica’s first season as a major Love & Hip Hop headliner — and her pregnancy storyline has been the biggest part of LHHH Season 5, though it’s about to be overshadowed by a season-long baby daddy mystery involving her husband A1; Safaree Samuels; and producer Roccstar.

Here’s Lyrica’s original post on IG Live, captured in its full glory by The Shade Room:

#LyricaAnderson says she’s done with L&HH ?

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The biggest thing to jump out at me is Lyrica’s use of seemingly strong language to not really declare anything. Saying “I def do nottttt see me coming back to this show” is not the same thing as saying “I quit and I’m not coming back.” There’s plenty of time for Mona to open up her wallet and entice Lyrica into forgetting the bad times.

And even saying “I’m done now that I’m aware” isn’t as black-and-white a statement as it maybe looks like. Remember: Lyrica is claiming that she both knew “fake edits” are a thing in reality TV *and* that she can’t believe they’re being used on her. This is not a strong position, to say the least. And producers can use it against her whenever it’s time to negotiate a new contract.

It’s also worth remembering that disgruntled reality stars almost never get out of their contracts and move on to new things — as opposed to simply being fired. The only Love & Hip Hop star in recent memory who managed to pull this off was Hollywood‘s recently departed clapback queen Masika Kalysha, who promptly joined the cast of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta for the show’s new season. But Masika has been coy about how exactly she managed to slip the surly bonds of her contract, saying only that she “had a good lawyer.”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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